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6 Top Indoor Label Printing Trends For 2020

By alinakhan More Blogs by This Author

The indoor labels have great utility in a variety of domains like billing, product labeling, equipment tagging, parking tickets, etc. They are more observable than we can think. They are being used for a considerable amount of time for various purposes, depending upon the entity that is using them. They are usually simple and have different information that is set for a display to the people that do not originally belong to a specific business or social place. They can contain information like bar-codes, prices, turn tokens, identification number, etc. They are quite significant in their utility at various locations.

There have been several innovations that have been introduced to the custom labels printing methods. People are utilizing them more than ever at various retail stores, hospitals, parking stands, etc. So, the modernization was just inevitable in the printing methods. Let us see many modern trends that have impacted the label printing a great deal.


Although flexography is an old technology, it is still beneficial and considered one of the most commonly available and versatile methods for custom label printing all around the world. It shall always be an evergreen method.


This method involved engraving the image on the printed label. It is specifically useful for the indoor vinyl labels in the applications that require similar patterns to be written repetitively for a large number of times.

It engraves the image in the printing surface by pressing the paper or surface between two printing rollers.


Stamping has always been an effective way to produce custom indoor labels. They are ideal for places that do not require high accuracy in the printing design.

They are usually kept by post offices to issue manual receipts to their customers. Most often, it is accomplished by the use of custom rubber stamps. It is still instrumental in modern times.

Digital printing:

Digitalization was inevitable in the label printing process. Most often, have we seen people with small handheld printers at various spots in the market issuing digitally printed labels to multiple clients and visitors. They can be commonly seen in banks and car parking places everywhere.

Trends types of labels:

Different types of names are applied to various products or objects through multiple methods; a few trending kinds of labels are as follow:
Wet-glues labels
Self-adhesive labels
Linerless labels
Shrink sleeve labels
In-mold labels

Online label printing:

E-commerce has affected the way people used to acquire their indoor vinyl labels. Now everyone who needs to get some custom labels would go online and look for the best available sourcing option they have at their disposal.

These were some of the trends of the indoor names. Several methods have been used for over several decades by various businesses to tag their clients and products; they are still trendy and will continue to be used unless a better alternative is found.


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