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May 11, 2012 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

10 Tips for a Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in bed has never really done much for me. When my kids were little, every mother’s day, I’d hear them clanking around in the kitchen knowing what was to come. Held hostage in bed while I awaited another serving of burnt toast, some sort of egg thing and a smoothie made with unidentifiable lumps. Then, with a big gulp and appreciative smile, Id pretend it was the best breakfast I’d ever had only to be released from my crumb filled prison to an hour of cleanup and sandblasting of the kitchen!

It’s no wonder Mothers Day is one of the biggest dinning out days of the year!

If you really want to honor your mom this year, give her a breakfast in bed she’ll always remember with great fondness.

1. The number one rule is to make this a treat and not a mess. The kindness of a breakfast in bed can be over shadowed by the extra amount of work it has created for poor Mom. Clean as you go so mom doesn’t have to.

2. Plan ahead. Pick recipes you can make ahead or at least prep the night before. This will prevent morning madness and delayed service.

3. Work on her schedule not yours. If mom is an early riser don’t make her wait until you roll out of bed at noon. Set your alarm to go off at least 30 minutes before her regular wake up time and surprise her.

4. Pick an easy menu If you are not familiar with the kitchen its best to stick with simple and easy recipes. Here are a few recipes that are super delicious and so easy even little ones can help out.


5. Choose foods mom really loves: Eggs Benedict could very well be eggsactly what Mom doesn’t want. If mom loves cheeseburgers by all means serve cheeseburgers in bed!

6.  Choose foods that can be eaten in bed. A few no no’s are crackers, spaghetti, meatball subs and fondue.

7. Cards and flowers are so cliché: Moms really love the thoughtfulness of hand made things. Cards and flowers purchased last minute are no comparison to a hand written note and self designed card.

8. Don’t expect her to share: There is nothing worse than being served a great meal and having people eating from your plate. It’s rude and unappetizing.

9. Don’t wake her: If your mom is a sleeping beauty don’t disturb her slumber with your act of kindness. Wait until you hear her moving around before you present her with your heart felt creation.

10. Finally leave her alone! Let’s face it, Moms are the life force and everyone wants to be around them. Sometimes a little solitude is a welcome change.

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