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Travelling After 50 Top 5 Tips

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Nothing changes you quite like travelling you learn and grow so much that after each trip you feel like a different person. People who travel a lot get to see different places and experience new cultures, which does wonders for opening your mind. You return from these travels with an open mind and as a calmer human being. You should never stop travelling and getting older is not an excuse for laziness. On the contrary, theres no better way for the elderly to feel young again and do things they havent had a chance to do before than travels.

Be realistic and honest with yourself

First of all, you have to be completely honest with yourself. How fit are you? Do you have any health conditions your travel agent should know about? Are you dreaming of travelling but the fear of travelling alone is holding you back? In truth, the real adventure is hiding on the other side of fear and the only thing you should really worry about is becoming addicted to it. Travelling alone also has many benefits because it will be a spiritual journey and it will give you a chance to re-discover yourself and to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings.

Opt for senior-friendly travel agencies

No matter how exciting travelling sounds, your body will find it difficult to keep up with your excitement. Depending on your health condition, you should look for an appropriate travel agent who will understand what you want and will prepare the right offer for you. This includes flying with a reliable company on a flight thats as short as possible and to get appropriate accommodation. This also means that your dietary needs should be met and you should get wheelchair access if you need it.

Carefully prepare your documentation

Make sure you take all of your personal and medical documentation with you. Starting from a valid passport and several photocopies just in case, print out your flight tickets, boarding passes, hotel reservations, itineraries, as well as your medical cards, prescriptions and doctor testimonies. Always carry them with you in your hand luggage rather than putting them in your suitcase because luggage can get lost during the flight. Make sure you can easily reach the documents you need the most like your passport and your flight ticket because you will show them to security guys.

Travel insurance

It doesnt matter if you travel alone or in a company of friends and family, you need a positive environment and support. There is nothing worse than people who pity you or try to find excuses for you to stay home. Surround yourself with people who will support your choice to go on an adventure. However, you should be aware that youre no longer young and make sure your trip is fully covered and insured. Proper travel insurance for seniors is a must-have and everybody should pay for their own travel insurance no matter what age you are. Health risks go up as you age and being aware that something may go wrong is a responsible thing to do. You should definitely add your insurance policy to your document folder.

Take care of your personal belongings

Sadly, the elderly are often targets of thieves and frauds of different kinds. Wherever you go, dont take too much cash with you. Divide your personal belongings so you that you always have a plan B if something bad happens: keep two wallets, one with the most important bank cards and your ID which you will keep in the inner pocket of your sweater or jacket. The other should have some cash and the bank card with a limited amount which you will use on your trip, so even if someone steals your bag, this will minimize the damage.

Even though you now have enough time on your hands to travel the world, you should not jump into this adventure unprepared. There are a few things you should consider before you pack your bags and start travelling. Being prepared and well organized is going to help you get the most of your trip, so you should take your time and make sure everything is taken care of before you lock your front door and board the plane.

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