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October 25, 2011 at 10:20 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Curing Anxiety Disorder?

By Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain talks about the possibility of relieving anxiety disorder symptoms permanently and the recommended route to talk towards that goal.
Gerry Barnaby (host)- Hey, what's up, Barnaby here. So, you're interested in knowing more about anxiety disorders? Well, you're in the right place, it is a Smart Living Network, and joining me is Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain, family medicine specialist. We've been talking, at length, about anxiety disorders, and there's a wealth of information on this website, you can click around and see which one pertains specifically to your loved one, but a lot of the questions that we get are about the "cure," if you will. Is it possible to get over, to be cured of an anxiety disorder?
Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain- This is a really good question and I'd say it depends. I have a general theory in medicine, I've never been taught it in a book, but I've just been experiencing things enough that you see these patterns. If there's a medical condition that someone has that's recently just popped up, it's easier to get rid of it. Where, if it's an issue that's been going on a long time, a lot of times it's a really long road to get rid of this. This is true from anywhere from having high blood pressure or weight gain to anxiety. So, someone who hasn't had issues with anxiety and then had a traumatic even happen, is more likely to bounce back pretty quickly, then someone who had a lot of traumatic things happening from when they were a kid, their dad dying and these other issues. Now they're in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, it will be a lot harder for them to deal with it and get over it.
B- It's interesting because it does, again, fall to us to take action and not to think, "well, it'll just go away..."
C- That's really true. I recently had one of my patients who was a new mom and she has some obsessive compulsive disorder tendencies. These have been going on for a long time, but she always, just hid it, she never really dealt with it, she never really talked to me about it, she just kind of tried to hide it from people. Now, she has a baby and her obsessive compulsive disorder plus just all the other issues with hormone changes from having the baby, the stress from the baby, it kind of blew up and went hay-wire. She came into me crying, she said she was changing the baby's diaper and then just threw it away, take it off and throw it away, put another diaper on, etc. She was going through, like a box of diapers in a day and she says, "I know this is just crazy, but I can't help myself, I can't stop." So we started working on things there and she's improving quite a bit. The earlier we started, the better off she would have been.
I have another patient who has a really great job but has really bad panic attacks and social anxiety disorder, that is at the verge of quitting her job, just because she can't handle it anymore. We're really trying to work through this but this is a long road for her, where the earlier we get help the better off she would have been. Right now she's entrenched in her anxiety and panic attacks, so it's slow progress, but we are making progress. We can make progress.
B- So, definitively, can you one day just shed the weight of whatever anxiety is just tamping your spirit down? Can you just say, "one day I'm over it now. I can go forth?"
C- i would say that it can happen. It's probably always going to be there, kind of hiding in the background, but people can learn ways to manage it and learn ways where it's not taking over their life anymore; it's not controlling things anymore, they're controlling their life, not the anxiety.
B- Alrighty. If you're thinking, "Well, what sort of medicines might I take, what sort of therapies might I have to undergo?" We've dealt with that in a previous conversation with Dr. Chamberlain and you can find that in this website that you're on right now, When you click on this website you've tapped into a Smart Living Network and everyone wants to have the best life possible. This is a good place to check in now and again to achieve that goal.

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  • It feels so whelm to know that your not alone and that their is s cure and treatment

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