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June 26, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 2 Faves: 1

Checking Your Baggage

By Anne Christen More Blogs by This Author


Some questions are too tantalizing not to consider, even if they pose hypothetical situations. The question here is what would you purge from your life if you could do so with just the wave of your hand? Do you have a lot of things you’d like to overcome or only a few? And once finished, would you at last have peace of mind?

What about self doubt? Its plaguing and debilitating effects can come at any moment and turn a fine day into one of deep sorrow. Even worse, self doubt can make you question what your very purpose is. If you could purge it altogether, think of the progress you could make in just a day. Those tasks that seem insurmountable would be easily accomplished, just as personal defeats would turn to successes. Perhaps most important, however, is that you would at last believe in yourself and realize your full potential.

And negative or hurtful relationships? The poisons these emit can seep into your veins and leak into all aspects of life, sabotaging any happiness or sense of balance. Without them, however, your heart could at last heel. The numbing effects of past pain would dissipate, leaving you free to love again without reservation.

The Purge

Regrets deserve to be purged. They serve no purpose other than to remind you that mistakes have been made, even when those mistakes were necessary for personal growth. Sometimes, regrets even make you wish you could turn back the hands of time, when living in the present is the healthiest and most beneficial way to move forward. Eliminating the desire to focus on these regrets would put life into perspective, helping you to see that making and learning from mistakes is among the most essential components of human nature.

An emotion that certainly should be purged is jealousy. It is the root of many relationship problems and causes great personal anguish. Even when a situation is purely innocent, jealousy can call everything into question. If it was possible to live without this cutting and passionate sentiment, just think of how much more coolly you could respond to questionable circumstances. Equally important, with regard to envy, you wouldn’t begrudge another person his or her qualities or belongings. Instead, you would have the grace to be happy for him or her.

How about giving a hard, swift kick to fear? It paralyzes your body and fills your mind until, sometimes, you can’t distinguish between that which is real and imagined. But conceive of a life lived without fear for the next day, the unknown or that which cannot be controlled. You would have the wherewithal to appreciate all you have and finally take each day as it comes.

As long as you’re purging, get rid of impatience, because it does nothing except bring forth stress. Patience really is a virtue, meaning its absence is a vice. If you could sit in a traffic jam or wait in a line without tapping your toe and sighing dramatically, you would know the true meaning of fortitude. This would allow you to live life not in anticipation of every passing second, but with serenity and tolerance for what’s immediately before you.

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  • Some things that I would remove from my life would probably ultimately come with a fine price. Would I still be the same person I am now? Would I have to take two steps back? You pose a fine question, but it makes me wonder how much one would lose. I used to want to remove parts of my life from my mind, but now not so much. There are always going to be regrets, and I feel that it would not simply stop there. There would always be more.

  • Well Duh....this is all common sense. What would be helpful is advising folks on HOW to purge these things.

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