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February 11, 2012 at 1:45 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Change Happens

By Jeffrey VanWingen M.D. More Blogs by This Author

This month, change is coming at my office.  We are implementing a new computer system—a large paradigm shift.  This change will push me and my co-workers out of our comfort zones.  The change will, however, bring better things (eventually).  As with other times of change, I find it interesting to see how different people adapt.   For me personally, adapting to change has been a process or an evolution.

A Time of Comfort

I had a carefree, predictable childhood.  My formative years were blessed with involved parents and the comforts of stability at home and school.  Early adulthood was much the same with all the pieces of the puzzle falling nicely in place.  What I am saying here is that nothing unpredictable seemed to happen in this vacuum.  Change, at any level, was uncomfortable. 


When the world became real for me, the hammer fell.  Change happened.  And then it happened again with disappointment and unmet expectations—an embezzling employee, a friend murdered, a failed relationship.   I was unprepared for this, reeling and shocked.  It took a good amount of time and reckoning to embrace that change is a normal life process.  If we are fortunate, from this change comes growth. 

Change is Inevitable but Growth Is Optional

It sounds so simple to admit on the surface that death happens, not all relationships succeed and good things don’t always last forever.  To live is to risk the backside of good things in our lives.  Love risks loss.  Enchantment risks disenchantment.  Conversely, improvement often comes with change.  Success often comes on the back of past failures and lessons learned.  Of relationships, finding “the one” often comes from the experience gained from learning who “the one” is not.  Moving into a better job or life situation may risk leaving a lesser, but reasonably comfortable situation.  I appreciate those people who long ago and not so long ago left everything they had and came to America looking for something better.  Change requires courage and it often brings unknown variables.

Sometimes change comes knocking outside of our control.  Layoffs, closings and downsizings are commonplace.  Job security is harder to come by these days.  With the common stories of job loss, however, I am hearing amazing stories of courage in turn- new callings found, better opportunities that would not have been otherwise sought.  Though difficult to see through disappointment and fear, doors closed often bring the unforeseen opportunities of another, better door opened.

Our bodies and our health are other places where change seems inevitable.  Age happens.  Sometimes the unexpected comes with illness.  The effects of age and illness usher in a challenge to make change in our regime.  Persistence and courage may be required for success.  With age, grow and embrace the season.  With illness, grow and overcome.

Such is the drama of life it seems.  There is always darkness before the dawn.  Labor pains bring a beautiful child into the world.  Change will always come into our lives.  Recognize change, both on the small and large scale, as an inevitable part of life.  See it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. 

I encourage you to view change as an optimist would.  Look for the good despite the discomforts.  Change is the spice of life and it is on our plates whether we like it or not. 

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