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September 9, 2011 at 3:15 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

ADDICTED to Social Media

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Wake up in the morning feelin like...

Wake up at 8:00, check your phone for missed alerts. You have 3 txts and a voicemail already. One message is from your cousin wondering if that family reunion is this Saturday or the next, another is your girlfriend pouring her "feelings" out about SOMETHING, and the other txt is from your brother telling you he can't make the luch you guys had planned. You think about listening to the voicemail, but get on facebook instead and try catching up on all your updates and then sort through your friend invites deciding if you actually know these people. Then you check your email to see if anything has changed in the project you're working on and see a video of a cat trying to fit in a cereal box, how can you even resist that? You think you should tweet that and then talk about it on the Smart Living Network. After that, make sure all your number one players are healthy on your fantasy team so you can dominate Sunday! And don't forget to get a super cute picture of your nephew to post on flickr!

Texting, email, TV, youtube, video games, and facebooking dominate our lives. Like seriously, they dominate it! I am telling you this as you are reading a BLOG on a SOCIAL NETWORK.  

So are you one of the masses that has become addicted to the Internet? I can definitely say I am not addicted, but definitely deeply involved in social media; it's my job as a video director and editor to be emersed in it. But are there dangers? And not the obvious dangers like a 13-year-old girl telling a creep where she lives, but health risks that are related to excessive social netwrking or watching videos.

Although I am a part of 10 different social networks, I'm not detached from reality 24/7. I do see, however, how someone could get so involved with it that health problems could arise. But I want your 2 cents in on this one! Are there health risks to social media? Any first hand experiences? Here's a small list I've made.

Dayton's Small List

-You can get fat.  If you are sitting in front of a monitor day in and day out, that means you are taking more time out of your day that might have been used for physical activity before.

-Anxiety may set in.  For some people, trying to maintain their statuses and relationships on the Internet, along with those in the real world (gasp!) can be overwhelming.

-It can cause cancer.  Seriously?  Check it out.

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