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Pet Food

Kitty's Meow Mix
By Serves 1

Healthy treats for Kitty that cats will love and talk about. Quick and Simple.

Prep Time: Under 5 minutes
Cook Time:

1 2 3 4 5



  1. 1 × Tomatoe
  2. 1 × Can of pumpkin 100% pure

You may also need:

Bowl, Kitchen Knife, Refrigerator


1 slice of tomatoe 1 T. of pumpkin Place in bowl. Store extra in refrigerator.

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Big Dave from SLN says:
Interesting treat, Jill! Sometimes it surprises me what my friend's cats will try to eat. One licked Italian dressing right off my fork after setting it on a cat-friendly counter.

Gaby from SLN says:
Hey Jill! Wonderful recipe. I hear those ingredients are actually very healthy for a cat. Often times pet owners over or under worry about the human foods our pets eat. But This doesn't seem half bad. And a perfect way to make use of leftovers from the holidays!

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