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Hi, my 12 year old Pom wheezes. She has been diagnosed with collapsed trachea and that is evident when she gets excited. The specialist that I took her to suggested steroids which I'm totally against. So, I've given her several different natural preparations (currently, King BIO Lungs & Bronchial) and while they help, they don't completely resolve this issue. The wheezing I believe is allergy based because it's worst at certain times of the year than other times. My question is do you think I should try Respitrol? It has similar components as the King Bio product.

She gets a heaping tablespoon of organic chicken livers combined with a level tablespoon of Grandma Lucy's pre-mix freeze dried, mixed with plain pumpkin and steamed green beans.  She was obese when I took ownership at 8 years of age and her vet recommended the pumpkin and green beans for fiber and to fill her up.  She is now at 12 years of age and down to 9.8 lbs. Yes, she takes CO Q10 liquid abiquinol (she had heart surgery at 6 months) and her gums were in bad shape when I got her. I give her Standard Process' Canine Immune System Support every other day, UDO's Choice Pet Essentials that has digestive enzymes, pro biotic mixed with 1/8 tsp Coconut oil in the morning before breakfast and 1/8 tsp of Barlean's Pet Essentials Flax oil before dinner.

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Smartliving Guest asked this
January 19, 2013 at 12:54 PM



Dear Karen,

For collapsing trachea I have used Promaxol. I would suggest that you try Promaxol to see if that stabilizes the tissue so that there is less sensitivity. I would use a half dose once per day for a week at bedtime. To minimize the symptoms of wheezing I would use a half dose H20-IonX twice daily on the food.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
January 19, 2013 at 11:58 AM
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