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Hi My Name is Michelle and I have a female tri Cocker Spanial named Maizy and she is 6 years old. We got her when she was 10 weeks old. I noticed right off the bat that she had dry flaky skin and gave her a bath right away. The next day my husband brought her into the vet for a check and was given shots that would bring her up to date. Within a couple of weeks I noticed that she had brown sludge in her ears and 1 crusty round spot on the base of her tail and also what was called puppy acne? They put her on an antibiotic and the acne cleared this would go on for several months. I wanted a second opinion so I went to a holistic vet. It was working and then she started licking her paws. We put her on a raw diet and many other grain free foods that just to clear up. She had to go on a antibiotics to help clear the staph again and again then I was refered to a dermatologist and they just gave her new antibiotic and more antihistamines with no luck with clearing. It all bloomed out of control this past summer when she started getting the crusty bumps all over her back legs and back, she started with hair falling out maybe because of the licking, but she constanly licks and pulls the hair out. She has been on a nzyme and probiotic for several years. I did stop them right before summer to see if that might had been the problem for the itching but that is when it had gotton worse also at the time she had been given steroid shots a couple of time for the itch but they only helped for a couple of days. The newest vet thought that she might have a vitamine A deficiency I dont think that is what it is because she has been taking the vitamin for 4 months and we saw no difference. Right now she is on a Canadia Kibble lamb formula with 1 vitamine A, 1/2 tsp of nzyme, and 1/4 tsp probiotic. As of right now she has the bumps all over her back with hair loss and the back of her legs with hair loss her tail is also the same with no hair. its all around her neck also. She has been tested for mange and other mites, which all came back negative. She has had her thyroid tested all normal. She gets yeast in her ears all the time. I put zymox in them. Her break out is like the chicken pox with a yellow brownish color almost like the feel of ear wax, its very hard to describe. I heard that the use of apple cider vinager and water 1 to 1 helps with the itch and I did use that yesterday and did seem to help with a hot spot. It is very frusterating to her, to me, and my husband, we just so want to make her feel better. I wish she could talk to me and tell me what hurts. She has her own blanket on the couch that she gets under and feels safe. she also wears a e collar when I am not here because she will rip herself raw. I am $6,000 into vet bills with no results. It also seems that she got so bad is when I was giving her a bath every 3 to 4 days that I was told to do. I have stopped doing that and honestly I havent seen as much hair falling to the floor. Im just hoping that giving her the baths like that made didn't make her this way. We have tried everything out there for dogs with itchiness and I so hoping that you might be able to help my poor Maizy get better. I would like a miracle to happen to Maizy and myself. Thank you, Michelle.

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January 17, 2013 at 9:44 AM



Dear Michelle,

You might want to look at two of our products, Derma-IonX and Defendex shampoo to help heal the skin. Derma-IonX which is an oral homeopathic product stimulates the enzyme systems in the body which reduces itching and inflammation , promotes healing of the skin and helps with assimilation of nutritional components in diet and supplements. The supplements I use along with it include Canine probiotics, vitamin C, MSM, and Omega 3,6,9. Together with Derma-IonX it produces a synergistic effect for a faster response. Canine Probiotics can substitute for your probiotics and digestive enzymes. If your dog is not allergic to fish or turkey you might want to try a food with one of those proteins and no GMO grains. In Chinese food therapy they are considered to be cooling, while lamb is warming. Your dog's skin is already quite warm. I would also suggest that you give your dog only filtered water for drinking and bathing. The skin absorbs a lot of chlorine from a warm bath.

Defendex shampoo which was designed to fight against fleas and mites also washes away debris and soothes the skin. Using both products is a simple and effective way of helping resolve a difficult condition. On the worst sore spots you can apply Zymox Enzymatic Cream Rinse directly on the sore so that you can extend the time between baths.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
January 18, 2013 at 11:45 AM
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