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Train Your Dog for Better Behavior

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Good behavior is important for dogs. Not only will it keep the humans around him more comfortable, but it will keep the dog happier as well. A trained dog is a happy dog because he is welcome in more places and can go into public. He won't have to be banished from the room when company comes, and will receive more attention and interest from the humans he meets. Your dog wants to be good. It's time to train your dog into better behavior.

Why Dogs Should be Trained

Beyond the dog's personal happiness, training will build a relationship between you and your dog, establishing you as the alpha dog. In addition, proper training will allow you to control his behavior in an emergency situation. If your dog escapes, he will come when you call. Unfortunately, dogs that remain untrained are more likely to be destroyed. And if you must give up your dog, trained dogs are more adoptable.

Setting Limits for Your Dog

While you don't want to be too strict or keep your dog from having fun, boundaries are important. Dogs who aren't taught to follow many rules have less respect for their owners and are more likely to break the few rules they know. A little obedience training can go a long way toward improving his manners, especially when company comes. A dog who respects you will listen when you say no, down, or stay, which are invaluable commands when company is over.

Socializing Your Dog

Taking your dog for a walk may be fun for you, but you may not realize how important it is for your dog. Getting your dog out of the house and into the world can prevent separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression and fear. When your dog is comfortable with people, dogs, cars and noises in the outside world, you will both be happier. Socialization allows your dog to be comfortable and know how to behave in unfamiliar situations. Taking your dog out into the world is fun and valuable for everyone. You can attend dog socialization classes to further their comfort.

People Training

Dogs need training, but so do people. Your dog won't know how to behave in public unless you teach him. Here is the proper dog-walking etiquette:

  • Do not allow your dog to walk or urinate on other people's property.
  • Always pick up after your dog, and don't leave the house without a bag and shovel.
  • Keep your dog from greeting people who aren't interested in meeting him. If someone wants to pet your dog, let them initiate the meeting.
  • Allow your dog to socialize with other dogs only with permission from the owner.
  • Always walk your dog on a leash, and don't let him run loose to do his business.

Following dog-walking etiquette makes the socialization process more enjoyable for everyone. Well behaved, friendly dogs keep your local government from enacting strict dog laws, and keep your family, neighbors and strangers happy.


Photo Credit: Alex Balan

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