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The Top 5 Lowest Maintenance Dogs

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Many people would love to share their home with a dog, but have yet to commit due to the maintenance many dogs require. Don't despair, there are many great lower maintenance breeds to choose from!

Let's look at why the five breeds just may be the perfect dog for you!



Ahhhh, the Greyhound. This wonderful sight-hound is a easy-going, laid back breed that doesn't require much of anything. The slender Greyhound may have bursts of energy, but they are short and sweet. A quick sprint in a back yard or dog park will keep the Greyhound happy. They enjoy leisurely walks with their pet-parents, but don't require an overly long walk, 30 minutes is sufficient for this breed. Their energy level is considered low to moderate. Most people are surprised to hear a Greyhound can actually be quite the couch potato! They are not big on barking either and their grooming needs are minimal, only requiring a a weekly wipe-down.


The Pug is a very silly, happy-go-lucky breed that is content in keeping things simplified in their life. Because of their flat nose, special care in extreme heat will need to be taken so they don't over exert themselves, a simple 15 minute walk once or twice a day in cooler temperatures is perfect for this breed. The Pug is a good size, not too small, not too big. The Pug enjoys food and can easily become obese, providing them with a strict feeding schedule and those short walks will help your Pug stay in shape. They rarely make a noise, and don't require a lot of grooming. Daily wipe-downs around the folds of their skin is important so they don't develop yeast infections or other skin issues, and a weekly rub down will help keep shedding to a minimal.


A giant breed, but lazy, the Bullmastiff is a great choice! Even as puppies, they tend to be on the lazy side. Bullmastiff are so lazy that they will even refuse to get up and move out of your way, forcing you to step over them. This breed has a wonderful disposition that is calm, and easy-going. This breed will do good with a 15-30 minute walk once a day. Seriously! Their energy will be spent after that. The Bullmastiff typically only barks to alert visitors, other then that, you will rarely hear a peep out of them. Grooming is minimum, with wipe-downs around the folds of their skins to help prevent any skin issues and a weekly brushing to keep shedding at a minimum. The only "high maintenance" attribute this breed has, is keeping their drool at bay. Keeping a towel handy to wipe their mouth after they eat or drink is very helpful, and sometimes will be needed throughout the day.


This little pint size breed is a great "low maintenance" dog to have. Everything is small for this breed, feeding them (think small portions), cleaning up after them (think rabbit-size), toys, leashes, beds, all small, small, small. That is why this breed comes in #2 on the list! They are easily portable and can be taken with you pretty much anywhere as they prefer to be with you at all times. They dislike cool weather, so walking will be at a minimum during cooler months. Although they enjoy playing, they don't require long play sessions. Afterwards they just want a warm lap to snuggle in. Grooming is extremely minimal with the short-coat Chihuahua, maybe a rub-down every two weeks. Even the long-coat only requires only weekly combing to keep them mat free. The only down-fall of this breed, they LOVE to hear their own voice. If a yappy dog isn't on your wish-list, you might reconsider the Chihuahua.

bulldogEnglish Bulldog

English Bulldogs are known to be extremely lazy and are the epitome of "low maintenance." This breed prefers only a 5 minute walk once a day, but to keep them healthy, a 15-20 minute walk once or twice a day will be beneficial. They get along with kids, other pets, and are pretty sociable - as long as the attention is on them. The English Bulldog is a good medium size, with a short and stocky build. They require daily cleaning around the folds of their skin and a weekly rub down will help keep their shedding almost non-existent. The English Bulldog isn't big on barking, so if a quiet dog is what you seek, this breed is it! Snoring and flatulence (passing gas) can be annoying, but if you can be ok with these two issues, they will make a great pet to have in your life.

A Word on Low Maintenance Dog Care

All these breeds are perfect for apartment, condo, and city living! These breeds don't require a lot of play time, so if you dream of playing fetch in the back yard, taking your dog for a swim at the nearby lake, or having regular play dates at the dog park, these breeds will most likely take a pass. Still - although they are "low maintenance" breeds, training and proper socialization is still important to make sure you have a well-mannered dog that enjoys all people and other pets.

And while I know many pet-parents want to skip the daily walk, and therefore prefer a dog that doesn't require one. All dogs require a daily walk, it is imperative to their overall well-being, mentally and physically.

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