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The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds in The World

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author


Looking for a clever companion? A dog SO smart it's almost human? You've come to the right place! These dogs are the 10 smartest in the world.


#10. The Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog

Photo Credit: BullCityDogs

High-tailing it all the way from Australia, this Cattle Dog exhibits exceptional intelligence. How so? Well, they put their toys away after playing with them. What dog does that?! Their name gives away their original vocation herding cattle on the farm. They are extremely loyal and protective so, dont even think about messing with their family they will stand their ground.

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#9. The Rottweiler


Photo Credit: kjibba

Like the Australian Cattle Dog, Rottweilers are hard working farm dogs. Rottweilers are guardians by nature here to serve and protect us. This is why they make great family pets. Their loyalty extends to watching over the house and little ones. They exhibit extreme courage, which is why many police stations have used them on the force.

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#8 The Papillon

papillon Photo Credit: kamonegi_jp

Papillons are one of the toughest dogs out there despite their adorable exterior and small stature. They may have cute little ears and smooth long-hair, but these little ones are protective! They can be aggressive if someone threatens their family. So, where does the intelligence come in? Well, they are one of the few breeds that can be litter trained. Say goodbye to picking up dog droppings all over the yard!

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#7. The Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever, yellow labPhoto Credit: lemicha

Labrador retrievers are not only one of the smartest dogs, but one of the most popular among pet owners. Its easy to train them because they tend to train themselves by observing our behavior and mimicking it. How nice! Labs are gentle giants, great with kids and loyal companions. They are also one of the first dogs chosen to assist in rescue situations as well as assisting the disabled. Ever seen any other dog besides a lab that helps the blind when walking? Not me. Although, I am sure they are out there. My point isthey train fast!

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#6. The Shetland Sheepdog

shetland sheepdog, sheltie

Photo Credit: Liz Grace

The Shetland Sheepdog or "Sheltie" is another herding dog (See a pattern here yet ;) ) Protecting the environment and people around them is high on their list of priorities. Like Labradors, Shetlands train quickly and with little effort. Teach them a command, repeat it only a few times and they will have it memorized!


#5. The Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher

Photo Credit: Satterwhite.B

Doberman Pinschers are innately fearless, making them a perfect watchdog. They are assertive with their actions, making for swift movements at dire moments. Theyve been used in the police force and even in war because they have little or no fear! Dont be fooled by their daring nature, Dobermans do have a soft spot. They are gentle family dogs loyal to the tee.

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#4. The Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Photo Credit: SearchNetMedia

Golden retrievers are not only one of the smartest breeds, but also one of the most popular. Retrievers have a love for learning. If trained, they can learn well over 200 commands, making them the perfect dog to enter into competitions. They live to please and enjoy being loved. Coupled with their affection is patience, so a family with kids would greatly benefit from making a goldie their family pet!

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#3. The German Shepherd

german shepherd

Photo Credit: bawkbawk

Making into the top 3 smartest dogs is the German Shepherd. They are dependable companions that live to serve and protect. Learning commands is no biggie to them. They tend to pick it up the first time they are taught. German Shepherds love to new tasks, so dont be surprised if you see that excitement in their eye when you show them a new trick.

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#2. The Poodle


Photo Credit: tobym

The 2nd smartest dog is the Poodle. Poodles are very obedient, which means they train and learn excellently. Poodles enjoy teaching themselves new tricks and arent afraid of ones that are a more out there than others. This makes them perfect candidates for circus performing one of the major breeds circus actors use. Be careful though, if this breed is left alone their "creativity" can get out of hand. ;)

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Drum roll please! Reigning in as the most intelligent of all dog breeds is


#1. The Border Collie

Photo Credit: Adam Foster | Codefor

This breed has an intelligence that surpasses all those mentioned before. Ill have to admit, I am little biased since my parents do own a 3-year old Border Collie named Zip, but hes smarter than any other dog weve ever had. He learned how to open our garbage can, which is hidden in a slide-out cupboard. That means he learned how to grab and pull the handle. Now, every time my parents leave that room now they have to secure a chair to the handle so he wont open it! Okay tangent over! ;)

Not only can border collies figure things out on their own, they form instant connections with humans. Their eyes will show their love for you and they like to follow their owners around wherever they go. Border Collies were originally herding dogs, so they have an abundance of energy and need a constant high level of activity. If they get left home alone often, you may come back to see a mess expressing their boredom.

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Which of the Top 10 Smartest Dogs is YOUR favorite? Do you own one of them or know someone who does?




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  • first of all I have seen more than just labs for guiding the blind. I have been reading on dogs my whole life people call me the dog lady because i can spot any breed of dog and tell them about it and what it was bred to do. German Shepherds were the first dogs people taught to guide the blind

  • I was out at a store yesterday and my friend pulled up next to me in the parking lot with his doberman puppy in the front seat. It was soooooo cute! He is really young, and so tiny! I love puppies so much, and dobies are really nice dogs, as long as they are loved in return. My sister had one its whole life and he was the nicest pushover you could meet, as long as he knew you. Very intelligent, as dogs go.

  • Wwhat about the Jack Russell Terrier and the Rat Terrier? How come they didn't get mentioned?

  • My mother-in-law had a doberman, he was well trained but to me he was kind of intimidating because of his size. My kids loved him!

  • Dachshunds rule!!
    Just ask them😍

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