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January 17, 2012 at 12:00 PMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Would you spend more on your dog's outfits than your own?

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Hello and welcome again to The Kibble. We’re going to touch on an interesting topic today. Let’s get to it.

Today we explore a phenomenon that many of us pet lovers have seen time and time again: clothing for your dog.

It's not like dog outfits are that unheard of, and depending on the situation it can be quite practical. During the winter, booties are great for pets. Without booties, they can get snow and ice stuck in between their paws, which can create small cuts or their paws to become red and raw. And, say, for the hairless dogs, sweaters aren’t such a bad idea. They need to keep warm too!

My question I pose to all of you is, how far is too far when it comes to spending money on outfits for your dog?

Take Rocky, for instance. He has been labeled Britain’s best-dressed dog.

Photo Credit:, Casey Cutteridge

Oh, did I mention rocky has 1,500 outfits? And they are all designer.  He also changes his attire at least three times per day. His owner, Lynsey Noble, spends more on his clothing each year than the average British woman spends on herself.

“My friends and family tease me about how much I pamper Rocky, but I don’t care,” says Lynsey.

She loves taking Rocky out for walks in his designer stroller.

Photo Credit:, Casey Cutteridge

One more fun picture. His outfit even matches his chair!

Photo Credit:, Casey Cutteridge

What’s your take on doggie outfits? How many are too many?


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  • sad.....I think 1 outfit is too many

  • just a nice green collar and a backpack for exercise time. anything else seems kind of... crazy?

  • I know some people that are just disgusted by the whole idea of dressing a pet in clothes, but for me personally, I say if it doesn't impede the animal in anyway and the owner wants to spend the money and time on it, go for it!

    Besides - there are some practical reasons for dressing a pet. My poor hairless cat for example. He has three adorable articles of clothing I made for him - a hoodie, a vest and a pink leopard faux fur dragon costume! :D What?! They keep him warm! n.n

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