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July 3, 2012 at 4:41 PMComments: 6 Faves: 0

Thief Steals Dog, But Leaves a Note Explaining Why?!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

The thought of someone stealing another person’s dog is more than just upsetting. A dog becomes a part of the family. Your dog being stolen is akin to a family member being kidnapped so to imagine the thief justifying their actions, saying they did because you weren’t taking good enough care of your dog, just seems absurd. And yet, it happened to the Perez family.

The whole family, Adriana Perez and her three daughters were in the house when their Husky, Aspen, was taken.

Please Bring Back My Dog You Stole - Thief Steals Dog But Leaves a Note"I looked out the window, he wasn't there!" said one of Adriana's daughters. "I started crying like crazy."

But as unreal as your dog being stolen is, this story gets even stranger - the dognapper actually left a note! In it they explain that dogs are pack animals and need to be around other dogs and humans, not locked in a cage. The person continues to explain their reasoning. The very last paragraph adds even more salt to the wound by saying,

“Therefore please know that your dog is going to a place where he will get the love, attention and veterinary care every dog deserves and will never have to live outside in the extreme cold or heat again.”

The family has posted Missing Dog signs up all over the neighborhood in hopes a kind soul will help them bring their go back home. Adriana says she took immaculate care of her dog. In fact, he was more than a family dog to her, he was like the “son she never had.”

Further, following an anonymous report of neglect, Berrien County Animal Control had actually checked up on Aspen earlier this year. Were the dognapper's allegations well-founded? Not according to director Grimes,"Absolutely no issues, Aspen was in good condition. Upon checks, Aspen had food and lots of water."

One large sign is plopped in front of their yard addressing the dog napper. It reads "Please bring back our dog you stole."

Please Bring Back My Dog You Stole - Thief Steals Dog But Leaves a Note

I hope the family finds their dog! No matter what the kidnapper thought about the dog’s condition, it’s illegal to steal someone’s pet.


What’s your opinion?



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  • This goes right back to my grand theory that, at their most basic level, people are crazy.

  • Wow, I have too much to say about the appalling behavior of this dog napper. First off, I will agree with them only slightly. Siberian Huskies are not meant to endure the type of heat that we have had lately, if in fact this is Barrien county, MI. They are not built to live through 100 degree heat. That being said, they should not have had their dog outside for extended periods of time in this heat. Now, with that out of the way: How dare they make this sort of accusation against this family? I know I'm going to ruffle a few feathers on this site, but these animal fanatics have taken it way too far! Stealing a family's dog right out from under them because it's hot out? That is absurd! These people loved that dog, and for them to accuse them of neglect, then to take it out of the authorities' hands and go vigilante to make this dog's life "better"? And "Never have to live outside"? Yeah, that's what I understand dogs to like, being cooped up indoors for the entirety of their lives. (note the sarcasm just in case you don't know me personally.) They probably have 30 dogs in a studio apartment, and it's supposed to be happier because it's in a pack. These radical fanatics make me sick. You know what you should do? Mind your own business! If the authorities say that the dog is fine, the dog is fine! And I'm sure that these people think they are doing the right thing, but if stealing is involved, it probably isn't the right thing. They had probably been thinking about this and stewing about it for a while. Just eating at them until their vigilante justice just came roaring to the top, forcing them to commit a crime.

    Did they ever think about talking to these people? Maybe say, "Hi, we noticed that your husky, which is bred to be in the frozen tundra, is left outside on hot days. I think it would be great if you could bring him in out of the sun." Was that so hard? Did we have to go right to petty theft? Actually, if he is pure bred, Grand theft? There is no reasonableness with these people. It is all or nothing. There are no other options. Where is the patience? Where is the yielding reasonableness?

  • I have a neighbour across the street who owns a husky ... an old one... and rain or snow it is outside. I will admit I havent seen it as much outside since the heat wave... but It is depressing to watch Misty... thats her name. I have watched her owners come home and barely look down at her... never have I seen them pet her. Maybe it is different behind closed doors though. And I do see the owner walk her pretty much daily. So ya I feel bad for her but to say they are bad owners I really cant say. My husband had a husky growing up and she prefered being outside 90% of the time. I dont get it personally but you never know unless its your dog and see how it behaves.

  • But I have to add sorry lol. I had an Alaskan malamute when I was very young and he got big and even my parents realized the dog was too big and needed more room, yard that we could offer. My parents ended up selling him to a nice family with young kinds that lived on a farm. Certain breeds to need more yard and excercise and freedom then others and not chained up in one spot. Those things need to be accounted for when buying the dog. And from an outsider yes it looks like a form of cruelty. (NOT CONDONING THIEFS ACTIONS) Maybe a call to Animal services and let them see if there is a threat to the dogs health would have been a better choice... or a private letter to the family stating your concerns. I don't know... but stealing a dog that wasn't abused... and was loved in there eyes... makes you worse than them.

  • I've got to agree with all three of you on this one.

    The weather in Michigan is hard on ME right now - and I'm not wearing a thick fur coat! Regardless of whether the dog prefers to be outdoors, it does seem most appropriate to keep her where it's cool, but then again - my home isn't air conditioned and to be honest, it was MUCH cooler outside this morning than it was inside my house! I also have animals - cats - suffering through this weather with me.

    While I'm willing to believe the thief truly thought they were doing the right thing, they pretty obviously weren't. As it's been stated before here, there were several better paths to go down if they had concerns about the dog's well-being. The only scenario I can imagine taking someone's dog without their knowing would be justified, is if the dog was in need of urgent medical attention and you had good reason to believe the owners wouldn't provide that. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

    I really do hope the thief will see the reaction to this story, gain a new perspective and do the right thing.

  • In the yard behind me is a beautiful german shephard. She is chained to a dog house and is under wight,crys a lot and obviously is feeling left out of the pack. In the yard to my right or 3 lovely pitties. Often one is locked in a kennel in the back of the yard where he cries long and loud until responded to. There was a 4th pit with them, but she was given away after repeatedly getting out and jumping into the neighbors yard and eventually killing one of the small dogs there. I do not agree with stealing peoples pets as this person did. But, WHY do so many people think it's acceptable to treat such needy,loving animals in such a thoughtless way? I'd be in favor of locking them in a kennel where they can see life all around them but are not allowed to participate. At least for 2 full work days. And if they still are clueless enough to even consider the thought that their dog{s} don't feel the same despair, then they should never have a dog. These are living creatures that depend on us for absolutely everything. And they deserve no less.

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