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June 12, 2012 at 3:51 PMComments: 3 Faves: 1

Stray Dog Follows Bikers Through Tibet For 24 Days!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the The Kibble Blog Series

It all started when a group of cyclists journeying through the Tibetan Plateau spotted a stray dog and cyclist Xiao Yong, feeling bad for the little thing, tossed her a chicken leg. A couple miles later, he said, he looked back and was surprised to see the fluffy ball of white fur trailing following behind him. The dog was actually keeping pace with the whole cycling group!

Xiao SaBut that's not even the strange part.

Not only could this pup keep up, this pup didn’t let up either! She continued to follow with them for 24 days, running when they were in motion and only stopping only when they stopped!

The group decided to name this pup Xiao Sa which combines the word  "xiao,” meaning “little,” and "Sa" as in the end of the word "Lhasa" -  Tibet’s capital city and the cyclists’ finishing point for their Xiao Satrek across the plateau.

One day, Xiao Sa ran a total of 37 miles with the group! Yong couldn’t believe it,

“We were shocked by her perseverance,” Xia Yong said,“She followed us [from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province] to Litang [a town in Sichuan Province]. We then decided to make a cage for her when we had a steep road going downhill.”

Xiao Sa

Besides the awe Yong and the other team members felt from watching Xiao Sa race with them, the bikers really drew inspiration to keep biking from her.

“[She] made us so happy. Once a few of our team members lagged behind, she ran from hill top to the bottom, to bring these guys to the rest of the team. She injected power into us.”

Xiao Sa

Xiao Sa

Xiao Sa

This story has a very happy ending. All the cyclists finished the 1,100 mile trip through mountains and valleys and Xiao Sa found a home. Yong had formed a strong bond with the dog. Now, she’s no longer a stray. She’s of member of Yong’s home!

Xiao Sa


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  • Wow, what a great story :-)

  • What a precious and inspiring story! Thanks for sharing this :)

  • Agreed! Just love this, Bri! What an amazing dog. I'm so glad she finally found a forever home, but then how could they NOT keep the dog after all that?!:)

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