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Sammi the Quadriplegic Dog Defies All Odds And Walks Again!

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At first, Sammi was just like any other dog. He ran, he played, and he was loyal to his owners. But something happened when he turned 8 years old that almost took all of that away. A bone started to press down on his spinal cord.

Slowly, poor Sammi started losing the ability to control his legs.

Though doctors attempted to operate on Sammi, they couldn’t remove the bone. In the end, he was left quadriplegic and his owners were left a big decision to make. Therapy would be expensive and there were no guarantees it would even work. But while many owners, feeling their dog no longer had a chance for a happy life, would give up at this point, Sammi's owners were determined he would.

Not only would they help him find comfort and happiness, they would do everything in their power to help him walk again!

Despite the cloud of doubt from many others, they decided to enroll him in rehab. There, Sammi would receive a range of cutting-edge treatments that would begin the process of recovery. 

And that persistence paid off!

Contrary to the naysayers and many discouraging opinions, after just three months of this daily routine, just as his owner always said he would, Sammi took his first steps!

Sammi’s therapy consisted of these exercises to help stimulate his core muscles:

The dog many said was hopeless, was saved by his owner's faith and the hard work of Sammi, his therapist, and his mom.

Watch this adorable video of Sammi being reunited with his owner!


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