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McDonald's Kicks Out Man With Service Dog

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This week: A McDonald’s manager kicked a man with his therapy dog out of their restaurant!

When John Dignard was 5 years old he was hit by a car leaving him with a permanent brain injury. Ever since then, he has suffered from short-term memory lapse and can’t always tell what direction he should be going. Luckily, when this happens, Eve, his current service dog, guides him the right way and is there to comfort him.

John Dignard's Service Dog EveJohn and his dog had been happily eating at McDonald’s for some time. Since he was a service dog, employees didn’t mind if the dog came in to join John in for a quick bite to eat.

Sadly, many customers complained about the dog’s smell and the McDonald’s manager there finally got sick of hearing them. 

"Your dog stinks and everybody is writing letters to me. I'm tired of it and I want you to leave."

This is what John said the manager told him.

Of course, Dignard was appalled when he heard this. He even had a government-issued certification that explained he could not be denied service anywhere because of his dog. According to Dignard, the manager still asked him to leave and told him to never come back again.

However, the owner of that particular McDonald’s had a different story. She states that Dignard was never asked to leave the restaurant and was not refused service.

"We reached out to the customer after receiving numerous customer complaints regarding the individual's behaviour and the well-being of his service animal. After approaching the customer, they voluntarily left the restaurant."

Hearing this account, John says he's sticking to his side of the story. He’s says he's not going to spend any more money at McDonald’s. Further, he’s decided to write a letter to the Human Rights Commission in hopes they’ll take some action. He believes people need to be more educated about service dogs.

"Change your attitude towards service dogs," Dignard said. "They're not pets. They're working dogs ...[even though] my handicap is invisible."

What do you think about this?

Is it illegal if they really did deny John service because of his dog?


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