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August 3, 2012 at 3:39 PMComments: 6 Faves: 0

Dyed Hair Dogs: Cool or Cruel?

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

I’d honestly never heard of dying dog's fur until I saw the photos of Ambrosio’s Bichon Frise. She was primped out to the max - luscious locks of pink fur on all over her body and her ears decked out in purple. Wild! But it turn's out she's only one in a group of trendy eye-poping dyed hair canines. Many other stars have been seen doing the same.

From Emma Watson (claims dog belonged to a friend and was dyed in honor of breast cancer awareness)

emma watson pink dog

to Aubrey O’ Day

Aubrey O'Day dyed dogs

to J'Wow and Snookie.

j'wow and snooki dyed dogs

And it's not even celebrity exclusive - hair dying is becoming quite the thing for Asian dogs.

dyed dogs

dyed dog

dyed dogs

dyed dogs

It's undeniably eye-catching, but a big question pops into my mind -  is it really safe to dye a dog’s fur?

PETA, for one, is not happy with all these celebs and their obsession with dying pet fur. "What most people don't know is that dyeing a companion animal's fur can cause the animal stress and can lead to complications or allergic reactions that endanger the animal's health. Our dogs and cats love us regardless of how we look; why not extend the same kindness to them?"

Upon further research I've found there have been no long-term studies to conclude whether dying a pet’s fur is harmful to them - but that's not to say people shouldn't be careful if they decide to dye their pet’s hair. Even the “safest” pet dye, can cause significant stress and possible chemical harm.

In my opinion, it's probably best to leave your dog’s hair the way it naturally is, but what do you think?

Would you ever dye your dog’s fur?


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  • I don't know, the tiger dog is pretty awesome! I can see how it could cause distress, and it might hurt them chemically. I would imagine that someone checked this, but I know that those tests can be skewed. I will never say that I agree with PETA, because, like Communism, their ideals are good in theory, but they have taken to the extreme degree and gone against those very ideals. So, I tend to agree it would not be wise to dye your pet, but I have to admit that the tiger and panda prints are pretty cool!

  • panda and tiger dogs are awesome! If I were a dog I would want to look like that! I think as long as the dye isn't like poisoning the dog or something like that it would be for causing anxiety, how would that do that?

  • sidenote, I think being fixed against my will would be a much more traumatic experience than getting my hair dyed pink by a long shot....but that happens to dogs every day

  • Thought this was totally stupid until I saw that awesome tiger dog!

  • To comments posted on Facebook:

    "Animal abuse in plain sight."

    I can understand people thinking it's weird or disliking hair dying or makeup because it's not natural, but animal abuse? REALLY? I dye my own hair all the time and I can tell you it doesn't hurt. Yes, I do have a choice in it and pets don't, but there are many things our pets don't have a choice in. Is dying hair any more stressful than getting a bath? Is it any more traumatic than being forceably neutered?

    "why not donate that money it takes to dye their coat and get some less fortunate animals fixed."

    As for it being a waste of money - yes, that money could be better spent. It's not a necessity, but then should we fault people for every non-necessary purchase they make? We could all live off just beans and rice and have only three outfits and give the saved money to charity.

  • I think that it some ways it can be abusive but tiger dog is cool

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