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June 1, 2012 at 11:52 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0 Connects Vacationing Pet Owners with Loving Pet Sitters

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Welcome to The Kibble - the news blog for dog lovers.

This Week: DogVacay offers a new, fun way for you to board your pets while you’re away.

When planning a vacation, dog owners must make a hard decision – leaving their dog at home or taking them along. When vacations are for an extended period of time, it can be hard on owners to take dogs along and, depending on where you go, their vacation spot may not allow pets.

When this is the case, as far as I knew, there were really only two options when leaving dogs behind: boarding them at a kennel or having a friend to watch your pet. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find friends willing to pet sit for a long period of time and kennel boarding can cost a bundle. Well, luckily now there is a third option - DogVacay!

DogVacay is like a dog version of couch-surfing, but you pick the place they will be staying.

This website allows owners to search for a petsitter in their area. They’ll have a friend and social companion while your away while also being well taken care of. You can even customize your search based on whether your dog enjoys the company of other dogs!

One dog owner, Valerie Steiger has used DogVacay and had a great experience with it. As a job coach she travels and with a 2-week business trip in Thailand approaching, she needed to find someone to watch her 3-month old Shih Tzu, Joey. When she hopped onto and searched the interwebs for a prospective sitter not only did Steiger find a great sitter, she also found Joey some playmates to keep him happy while she was away!

Her sitter even kept Steiger up-to-date on how Joey was doing via Iphone,

“She was wonderful. I was talking to Joey (through a cell phone app) from Thailand. She took pictures of Joey on an iPhone, she took a video of him zipping around with his buddy. I didn't ask for any of that. She just did it."

DogVacay is not just for owners looking for petsitters. It’s also for people who wish to host dogs in their home. Dog hostess, Danielle Rapin has been watching dogs at her home for three months now and loves every minute of it! She has her dog named, Baci. Hosting these dogs in her home has really helped with Baci’s socialization skills.

"It's been rewarding to see her develop," Rapin said.

Are you convinced yet? Do you think that DogVacay is a good third option? I'm still skeptical.

I mean, finding someone on the internet and giving them your dog for a week or so feels a bit worrisome, though I must say,

my concerns melted away when I learned that DogVacay interviews every host and conducts a security check.

This way they would weed out any of the non-responsible candidates. (Phew!) What’s even better is that one third of the hosts on DogVacay are professional pet care providers. Talk about getting premium treatment for your dog! Bonus? These hosts only charge $25-$50 per day. The other two thirds are avid dog lovers. An astounding 9 out of 10 hosts have their very own dog. Also, DogVacay interviews every host and each host will undergo a security check. Meet-and-greets between the owner and hostess are highly encouraged. This way owners and hosts can meet one another to discuss possible boarding, concerns, and questions.

Hmmm, I’d be willing to give this a try, but how about you?

Would you use DogVacay?


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  • I think I'd be more willing to watch someone's cat while they're away than a dog, but cats are so self-sufficient that it doesn't seem necessary.

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