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April 12, 2012 at 12:54 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Dog Rescues Puppy From Drowning!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the The Kibble Blog Series

If you're a YouTube person, you may very well have seen this video of a dog saving her pup from drowning in a pool. With over 1 millions hits, it's gone viral and it's still climbing. But what's the story? And where is the controversy surrounding it coming from?

It starts with a mother dog and puppy just swimming around in the pool. They seem pretty content until things take a turn for the worse and the puppy begins struggling to get out.

That's where motherly instincts kick in.

Mama dog tries to nudge the puppy’s back end out with her nose. She tries for a good while, but the puppy just can’t muster the strength to get out.

Then, the mother swims away (at which point I thought, "Hey! Don’t abandon your young!"), but a couple seconds later you see her come back into the frame and lift the pup out of the pool by the neck. As a protective mom would, she carries her little one to safety far away from the pool.

The actual video here!

While there were definitely the long list of  "awws!" you would expect from a video like this, other online users were very upset at the posting of this video. Some thought it was cruel for whoever took the video to be filming. Many called it almost animal cruelty, while others argued back against them saying the owner filming it wasn't negligen,t because the two dogs were fine at the end of the video.

What’s your take? Was this animal cruelty?


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  • I would have dropped the camera and stepped in, seriously what are people doing now to get a video on YouTube, at the expense of putting another living thing at risk? Seriously, if the person still wanted his "video" on this situation, put the camera down and angle it to capture it if you are that desperate to be a sensation on YouTube. I am disgusted with the person running the camera.

  • I'm glad it all worked out ok. It's good to see that parental instincts are still alive and well, at least in the dog world. Thanks for the uplifting story Bri!

  • Maybe the owner knew that dogs have millenia of evolution on their side. They realized that however much we try to make our dogs humans, they will always remain dogs. It's time we stop thinking that dogs think the same way as we do, because they don't. Those who continually attempt to place human thought processes and emotions into their pets are doing them a disservice. Our pets have millions of years of survival instincts built into their systems and by making them seem human, you are diminishing the beauty that is the animal. I would even go as far as to say that those who treat their animals like humans are diminishing the beauty of the animal by not letting the pet truly be what they are.

    Any true dog lover can see that there was absolutely no danger to this puppy, the mother had it handled. Personally, I am moved by how beautiful this is and at how beautiful nature can be when we don't try to manipulate the outcomes.

  • Good point, E.M. I think that it is of these dogs best interest for them to learn that the adults take care of the young, so that it can pass on as time goes forward. If humans run to their aid, they will always expect that.

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