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April 27, 2012 at 8:52 AMComments: 11 Faves: 1

Roosevelt the Border Collie Won't Let Disability Get Him Down!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Meet Roosevelt, the spunky Border Collie who was named after the president because of his inspiring outlook and the way he gets around from place to place - his shiny set of wheels!

These wheels weren’t cheap. His owner, Stephanie Fox, paid $900 for a custom-made wheelchair, but to Stephanie, it was well worth it. Now, despite his disability, Roosevelt is able to run around and play fetch just like any other dog. The only difference is that sometimes he needs a little extra help getting around.

Stephanie adopted Roosevelt about three years ago at the New England Border Collie Rescue. His two front legs were born deformed, but that didn’t matter to her. When she looked into the eyes of the little pup, Stephanie knew it was fate that had brought them together. As a border collie, even a disabled one, she knew Roosevelt would need lots of exercise. But while his deformity would present a set of problems to this aim, Stephanie was determined to give him what he needed and adopted him that day.

Stephanie just sees him as having an extra accessory when going outside, “The only difference between Roosevelt and other dogs is that instead of a collar I snap on his wheels to take him out.”

It seems that whenever an animal has a disability, there are two stances people take. One group feels the animal should be able to live, deformities or no, as long as possible. The other, feels it's cruel to let them live this way, and that the animal should be put out of its misery. 

Stephanie ran into people on both sides of the issue, but what struck her the most were the ones who suggested she euthanize Roosevelt. In her mind, Roosevelt was a happy, carefree dog that had a great quality of life. It just didn't make sense to her why people thought just because he had a disability, he shouldn't be alive!

“People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering. But he wakes up happy every day. If you had a child with a disability you’d try to enrich them, give them opportunities. So why not do the same with a dog?”

What’s your opinion? Does Roosevelt have a good quality of life? Or should he be put down because of his disability?


Photo Credit: 

Robert F. Bukaty / BDN 

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  • That last quote at the end of the article pretty much sums up my view on the topic.

  • He doesn't look like he's suffering to me! The people that think he should be put down are just ignorant. Seriously, what are they, dog nazis?! -.-

  • I think it is wonderful. He seems so happy. I have two dogs with disabilities, one diabetes the other wears a constant wrap - and they get all the love in the world. They are so happy just like Roosevelt, and I believe they get that extra care. Whether perfect or not, dogs only ask for care and love - and give so much in return!

  • absolutely awesome, i have two border collies, my favorite, nice to see one being loved for what he have to offer a human....... thanx stephanie a love for a dog is like any other love.....

  • are the SWEETEST LADY!!! My precious kitty...Maggy Meenu is dying of Kidney cancer......I have to finally put her down tomorrow. When you have done everything in your power...then give her back to her Creator God and let them live the rest of their life with Him. She is the brightest and best thing in my life outside of my husband. The 3 of us have been together for about 15 + years...along with 2 other stray cats that had such a beautiful impact on our lives too. Poo Bear was almost 21 when he passed away and I believe that Wesley was about 8 when he found us at our back door. I think someone moved to our neighborhood and threw him away. We called the phone # on the collar and left numerous messages and ad's but they never did call me back. He had a collar from Santa Rosa (a few hours away) and he was healthy and very happy with us. I adored him! He insisted on going outside which I believe he usually lived outside anyway and was hit by a car. (please don't speed through your neighborhoods!) It was pouring rain and we found him the next day. Someone was very kind and put an orange cone next to him..( his head was hit... I pray he died instantly.....) . Your Vet should have a pretty good idea if the animal you have is in any pain.
    Love them for as long as you can....they are with us for such a short time really. We don't always know the reasons for what people do. All we can do is pray that their hearts are in the right place and that they will at least try to be understanding. God Bless you Stephanie and were meant for each other! Love, Eileen

  • Sweet story, it does not sound like Roosevelt is suffering to me since he has his handy wheel chair! Getting around is what dogs like - he may even get more exercise with his wheels than he otherwise would!

  • God gave him life so no one has the right to take that away from him! He was rescued by an angel!

  • I do really think human race is trying to lern more from them. Is amazing to see the real love ...

  • My Dog Rocco was paralyzed and we are looking to get a set of front wheels for him.. Can anyone give me any information as to where these were ordered from?

  • Roosevelt is a crazy, fun loving, and VERY social boy. He is now a certified Therapy Dog too. He has been the most amazing JOY in my life and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Sometimes people feel dogs with different abilities are "more work", but the reality is he has been the easiest pet I've ever had in my life. He is just so easy going (until he gets on the off road mountain bike trails...then you better just move out of the way or you'll have tire tracks up your legs!!) If anyone wants to lean more about him, his cart, how he lives each day - please feel free to check out his FaceBook page called Roosevelt the Border Collie. He LOVES to show how every day can be fun and he has a little hint of a sarcastic border collie humor.

  • To Laney! We are in the USA in the North East. We use Eddie's Wheels for Pets in western Mass (on the NY border). There are only 2 (possibly 3) front wheel cart makers in the USA right. You can contact Eddie's Wheels for Pets, and you may also contact via facebook "Naki'o the Bionic Dog" who has a special rescue in Colorado and has information available for prosthetics and carts for the Central and Western USA states.
    If anyone is looking for more information please feel free to send Roosie a message on his facebook page called "Roosevelt the Border Collie". He would be more than happy to share all the information you need :)

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