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[Paws & Awws] The Importance of Socializing a Dog

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Socialization is one of the most important steps you can take (besides spaying and neutering) in making sure your dog is a friendly, enjoyable and outgoing fur kid with other dogs, people and in different environments.

When working with clients in puppy obedience classes, I ask them what their plans are for socializing their puppy. I often get a stare of "socialize, why and how?" Here are some tips on the importance of why and how to properly socializing your puppy or dog.

Vaccinations Up To Date and Completed a MUST

300 Different Dogs

Did you know this is the number of how many dogs your puppy should meet by the time they are 6-9 months old? Yes, this is a BIG number, but when a puppy can experience early POSITIVE situations and interactions with other dogs this helps to build their confidence level. A dog that has a healthy confidence level and is self secured is a GREAT dog to be around!

Over 100 Different People

Do you have a Prey Drivin' Dog?

Socialize in Different Environments

Benefits of Socialization

A happy, all around self-confident, easy going, can take anywhere dog!

Safety First

I hope you are excited to get your shoes on, grab your dog’s leash, and get them socializing!  Have fun and enjoy watching your puppy and dog learn and experience new dogs, people, and things!

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