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The 6 Quietest Dog Breeds

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Though "cute" for me may be different than it is for anyone else, when I’ve thought about purchasing a dog, how cute they look is honestly what I consider first. That's the truth, but if I were really serious, I should be thinking of more than just that.

We should all put in a lot of time and consideration before picking out a dog. When you live in an apartment or have near neighbors that like peace and quiet, it can be especially difficult to find a good match.  However, there ARE dogs that tend to be more quiet than others!

If your home can't take a barker, take a look at these six and learn what makes them the  quietest dog breeds.

#1. German Shepherd

German Shepherds

Photo Credit: jennifermac

German Shepherds are quiet by nature and known for their loyalty. They are happiest when running around outside, bounding to and fro. They are a breed that needs a very high-level of activity. If they aren’t getting enough time outside to run and play, they will let you know they are feeling bored by barking or chewing whatever is around them. That’s the one of the few times they will become very vocal.

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#2. Bichon Frise

bichon frise

Photo Credit: thoradam

This dog is one of the very few lap dogs that are do not have a yippy bark. In fact, they barely make a sound! They love to play, but also don’t mind just sitting next to you as you relax or need quiet time. Normally their coats are white and they have very cute little eyes they will stare up at you in adoration!

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#3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

Photo Credit: Treefiddy

Like the Bichon Frise, the Shih Tzu is one of the quieter lap dogs. Their hair can be grown long or cut short –both make for a very cute look! They are not very active dogs either. They love to sitting next to their owners, cuddling, and falling right asleep. Because they are not very interested in exercise, owners have to keep a watchful eye on their activity so they don’t become overweight. This can be done by setting up an exercise routine and sticking to it with them.

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Photo Credit: Fugzu

Basenjis, in my opinion, are the quietest of all breeds listed here. This is because they do not bark AT ALL. However, they are not completely silent. They do make baying noises at times when they need to go outside or if they are not being well taken care of. These dogs can have an orange or black coat with white under their chest. They also have a little tail that looks like a curly-q!

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#5. Greyhound


Photo Credit: Clearly Ambiguous

Greyhounds will adapt to their environment due to their submissive nature. This is why they are listed as one of the quietest breeds - if their environment is calm, they will be calm. As for exercise, they either may need to exercise a lot to very little. Their activity level  depends on the that of the family they live with. An above-average active family = an above-average active greyhound.

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#6. Mastiff


Photo Credit: claudiogennari

This breed is known as the “gentle giant.” They are large in build, but their personality doesn’t match their size. They are calm tempered and actually have a very low energy level. A couple of 20 minutes walks per day will keep them content. As for barking, they only bark when they are trying to defend their turf from outsiders or if they hear a suspicious noise.

Hope you enjoyed learning about these 6 soft-spoken breeds! Is your dog one of them?


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