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The 5 Smallest Dog Breeds

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author


Small dogs can be absolutely irresistible. They are the perfect lap dogs and are easy to travel with.Plus, you could even put them in a shoulder bag and waltz to the store! The following breeds set the record for tiniest dog companions:


#5. Brussels Griffon

Height: 7 - 8 inches at shoulder | Weight: 6 - 12 pounds

High-tailing it all the way from Belgium, this pup comes in spot number 5 for littlest breed. They are known for having tiny pointed ears –which, in my opinion, makes them absolutely adorable! Their coat comes in very unique colors: red hair banded with back, just red, black, or black and tan. Also, have you ever seen the movie “As Good as it Gets?” In this film, Jack Nicholson must take care of his neighbor’s dog - a Brussels Griffon! Just as in the movie, this breed is very spunky and high-energy. The key to keeping this pup happy and healthy is lots of exercise! Don’t be fooled by their size – these dogs are born guard dogs and will protect their territory.

#4. Papillon

Height: 8 - 11 inches | Weight: 7-10 pounds

Originating from France, the Papillion steals the spotlight as fourth tiniest breed. The name Papillion is French for butterfly, which describes their unique ears perfectly! Their ears are constantly perked up and extremely mobile – twitching from side to side as they take in the sounds all around them. These little fluff balls have a plethora of hair, making frequent grooming a must. Like the Brussels Griffon, this breed is a great watchdog; they love to serve and protect! Papillons also make excellent family pets because they love children and are willing to learn just about anything.

#3. Maltese

No height standards |  Weight: Under 7 pounds; 4 - 6 pounds preferred

The third smallest dog is the Maltese, first found in Italy. Admired by painters as far back as 3,000 years ago, this breed has long been depicted in art. Their long, pure white hair gives them a unique, intriguing appearance. Affectionate and intelligent, the Maltese will win the hearts of families looking for a new addition to their family. They make great watchdogs and are perfect for older children.

# 2. Pomeranian

Height: 11 inches maximum | Weight: 3 - 7 pounds (average)

Ranking as the second smallest breed is the Pomeranian, hailing from Germany. These tiny pups are known for their small muzzle and plume-like tail. Have you noticed that their faces almost always look like they are smiling? How cute! Full of hair, Poms need daily brushing as well as daily exercise. Pomeranians are definite extroverts – they make new friends everywhere they go. They are great family dogs and absolutely love entertaining guests. Poms want to be the life of the party.

#1. Chihuahua

Height: 6 - 9 inches | Weight: 3 - 6 pounds

Out of all breeds, the absolute tiniest is the Chihuahua. Native to Mexico, these pups have straight or curly hair, usually light brown in color. Trademark traits for these dogs are pointed ears and plumed tails. With their high-energy personality, a couple daily walks is essential to maintain a happy Chihuahua! They are good-spirited dogs that work well around families with older children.

Do you have any experience with one of these pint-size pups? Share your story in the comments!



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1 Comment

  • I've got two Chihuahua's and love them to pieces. They both have such a personality, I think that's what makes us fall in love with them. When Elli first came home she looked just like the little one pictured above, her nose was pink when she was little. Now she's having a birthday this week and she will be six years old, oh, and her nose turned black!

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