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Dog Owners - Your Complete Hot-Weather Guide

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Remember to keep your fur kids cool during this hot, humid weather. Here are some facts to keep in mind, great ideas for heat-safe dog activities and some helpful hints to keep your dog comfortable and cool in this hot steamy weather!


  • Dogs cool their bodies by panting. They do Not have sweat glands.
  • Panting alone is NOT enough to cool your dog when the temp soars. Provide plenty of cool water for your dog inside and outside. An automatic dog waterier is a great way to provide fresh, cool water all day long for your dog
  • There are several dangers of EXTREME heat for your dog. Dogs can get sunburn too (noses and ears need to be protected). Hot concrete or asphalt can burn the bottoms of their paws. Dogs left in hot cars (even with the windows crackers) can be killed by the heat in less than a half hour - car temperature rises by 10-20 degrees every 10 minutes! On extremely hot days, it's better to stay indoors when it's not potty time. With their thick fur coats, dogs can suffer from heat exhaustion and subsequent stroke.Take special consideration anytime you are doing some type of activity with your dog in extreme heat.

Some great and safe activities to help keep your dog cool and have fun this summer.


  • Limit playtime and outdoor activities between the hours of 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Limit fetching unless of course your dog is fetching into a pool.
  • NO JOGGING with your dog, hang up your dog's jogging shoes during extreme heat. This is not the time to be running with your dog.
  • Provide FRESH, COOL, CLEAN water throughout the day.


  • A Frozen Kong filled with Peanut Butter and Treats.
  • Hydro Bone - a great frozen toy that releases water.
  • Try a Cool Treat Smoothie (especially made for dogs).
  • DIY Icy Treat-Make a giant chunk of ice filled with tons of treats and let your dog have fun with this out in the yard.


  • Have a kiddie wadding pool? Watch out kids! Fido might want to join you. Provide your dog with their own wading pool and add fresh water with ice cubes throughout the day.
  • Live by a lake or have a pool? Make sure your dog has their Life Jacket on. In this weather, if your dog LOVES water, they will want to be in it all the time. SAFETY comes first with water activities.
  • No pool or lake nearby? If your dog LOVES the water, turn the sprinkler on and let your dog enjoy playing with the water!


  • When walking/hiking your dog, consider the extreme temps, when the heat index is breaking the 100's it is best to walk/hike your dog before 9:00 am or after 8:00 pm. DO NOT walk/run your dog midday. Remember - they can't hang their fur coat up for the season and the hot pavement will burn the bottom of their paws!
  • Bring a Handi Drink Pet Water Bottle on your walks/hiking to provide instant cool water for you and your pet!
  • A Cooling Bandana is a great way to keep your dog cool. Just like our bandanas, your dog can wear it around their neck.
  • DIY Cooling Bandana Take a regular bandana, put it in water and then freeze it. Remove and let thaw for a minute to tie around dogs neck. Another option is to soak it regularly with cold water and then tie on your dog.


  • Traveling with your dog this summer? Consider purchasing a "Cooling Fan" that attaches to their crate.
  • A "Cooling Cargo Liner" is a great idea to help your dog stay cool in the back of your SUV (no electricity needed).
  • I said it before - NEVER EVER leave your dog inside a car (even with the windows cracked open), in 10 minutes the temperature inside of your car will increase by 10-20 degrees.
  • Make sure to bring your Handi Drink Water Bottle or a Collapsible Drinking Bowl.


  • If your dog is not able to come indoors during these extreme temperatures, consider a "Cooling Pad" for your dogs bed. I prefer the non-electrical type.
  • Cooling Fan attached to their doggie house can provide added comfort.
  • A Wadding Pool can be a lot of fun, with fresh, clean, cool water (ice cubes a bonus).
  • An automatic watering bowl is an easy way to ensure your fur kid has all the water they need.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of shade to lay in!

I hope these tips helps keep your pets safe during the hot summer months!


ASPCA Hot Weather Tips

Dog Bible, Edited by Kristin Mehus-Roe, 2005

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