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May 9, 2012 at 3:22 PMComments: 0 Faves: 1

Poo Wifi : Will This Creative Invention Convince Lazy Owners to Pick Up Thier Dog's Doo?

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the The Kibble Blog Series

Mexican internet company, Terra, launched a new ad campaign called Poo Wifi. (Yes, that is what they are actually calling it!)

The offer is free wifi to those who walk their dogs in the park, but there’s a catch - all those who wish to access the internet must clean up after their pet!

Currently, there are 10 parks included in this campaign. Each park has multiple “weighing stations,” which are basically trash bins to deposit the poop in. When an owner picks up their dog’s doo doo and places it in the bin, the meter will weigh it and determine how much wifi that person will get. As for how the wifi is transmitted, there are routers in the trees throughout each park and guess what…they are shaped like doggy bones. (So cool!)

All in all, this seems like an awesome idea to keep parks clean and not littered with poop! HOWEVER, I do have one concern - can this device actually distinguish between poo and other objects that people could throw in there like rocks or sticks?  Unfortunately, according to an article on the parks, not really.

Since it’s based on a weight measurement scale and doesn't actually analyze the component in the droppings, Poo Wifi stations would likely give you free internet no matter what you put in there. Bummer, but Terra does have a plan to overcome this.

To prevent trash for wifi deals and ensure people are getting the wifi their poo droppings have earned them, a Terra staff member will be present at each garbage bin during the daytime. 

Wish YOUR park had Poo Wifi? If you don't already, you will after watching this promotional video. It’s pretty amusing!

Do you think Poo Wifi will motivate owners to pick up after their dog?


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