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March 6, 2014 at 1:01 PMComments: 3 Faves: 0

That Device from "Up?" Yeah, That's Actually a Thing Now: Canine Thought Translator On The Market!

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

While the idea seemed laughably futuristic in Pixars Up, turns out Dugs dog-to-human speech translator is close really close - to reality! The same creative genius behind the iRock iPod-charging chair, the hovering Fly Lamp designed to follow you as you walk around, and the weather-forecasting Nebula 12 indoor cloud generator comes NSIDs (Nordic Society for Invention) newest product - the No More Woof.

Combining micro-computation and EEG, the device uses the electrical signals of a dogs brain to figure out what he or she is thinking and communicate that with you. Right now, the company says theyre only scraping the surface of possibilities, but they already have two basic versions of the No More Woof on the market!

For $65, the NMW micro can detect 2-3 thought patterns (depends on the breed) most likely Tiredness, Hunger and Curiosity they say.

For $300, the NMW Standard has customization options to better fit your specific dog and can detect 4 or more thought patterns with far better functionality and exactness.

And not quite ready, but available on pre-order for $1,200 is the NMW Superior.

Itll be prettier than the other versions - the Superiors speaker is fitted into a gold dog tag engraved with your dogs name and the head set color will be customized to match your dogs fur. But the biggest improvement is the Superiors algorithmic learning capabilities. This means the device will continually program itself and get better and better at detecting your specific dogs thoughts over time. Eventually, it will even allow your dog to speak in specific short sentences. (Im hungry but I dont like this! is the example they give.) Crazy! But even thats just the beginning they say.

Right now, theyre working on even more precise thought recognition (Their example - Who is that woman she looks nice!) and on developing versions of the NMW with voice customization options:

(You can actually hear what each of these voices will sound like by visiting their site HERE and I highly recommend you do theyre hilarious!)

Theyre also pursuing different applications of the technology. For instance, their new found voice may make it possible for service dogs to control appliances or for disabled dogs to control artificial limbs. And then of course, theres the prospect of real understanding and communication between humans and dogs. The Holy Grail for us. they say. Not only should be able to understand your pet, let them understand you. A similar device can be hooked up on humans translating our thoughts into dog

Itching to get your hands on a No More Woof? I'm with you and the NSID team would love for us to have one - although they do caution against very high expectations. We must AGAIN stress that ALL the products are at the first stage and shall be regarded as research support. That said, they will definitely work on a basic level with dogs (and hopefully to some extent with all animals) and we can actually think of no cooler products. Yeah, we're basically building them because we want them ourselves.

What do YOU think about this?

Would you buy this for your dog? Why or why not?

I'd love to hear from you!


TIME: "This Machine Will Translate Your Dog's Thoughts Into Words"

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  • I am not sure I can afford this but having a dog that had early abuse and deals with what I call PTSD issues, it would be a big help to know what she is thinking and maybe be able to help her past some rocky spots.

  • Aww.. poor puppy! :( I just can't understand how anyone could abuse an animal. Glad her story ended well though and she has you now!

    The idea of using the No More Woof for PTSD therapy is really interesting. As of right now, of course, dogs still wouldn't be able to really understand what we're saying, but even still, the device may give owners of dogs with PTSD a better idea of when their dog is feeling scared and needs comforting.

  • With "voice recognition" software, maybe some day "Dug" will be able to post here.

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