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Top 5 Highest Energy Dogs

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Seriously, I could easily list 50 or more! High energy dogs overpower the dog world. A majority of dogs have an active energy level, and sometimes even the simple task of a walk isn't enough to drain the energy of these Top 5 breeds.

These breeds are not meant to be matched up with low active lifestyles. They are revved up to go at a moments notice, and have the stamina to go all day long. Bicycling, jogging, swimming, and hiking will be this dog's perfect world, so they need a partner to keep up and provide the exercise they require.

#5. Jack Russell Terrier

Don't let their size fool you! This is a small package busy-body that requires regular exercise throughout the day. They are an excellent partner for any type of workout, bicycling, running, rollerblading, really anything! They are a great breed to participate in agility such as: flyball, Earthdog trials, and dock diving.; Jack Russell Terriers (JRT) love water!  Do you enjoy kayaking? Great! Don't forget to put a life jacket on your JRT, and have them join in the fun. Just remember, they prefer to be swimming, not just riding.

#4. Pit Bull Terrier

Who knew? Yes, the Pit Bull, one of my favorite breeds, is a very active dog. This is in fact a "Terrier" breed. Although they can be lazy and love to snuggle with the kids watching TV, these moments are usually after they've been properly exercised, otherwise, they will only want to play instead of relax. Pit Bulls are excellent runners, so if you are in need of a jogging partner, they are a breed that will be happy to run with you. In fact, this breed is used in many capacities due to their wonderful work ethic and long lasting stamina. If you are looking for an all around fun and active dog, the Pit Bull is your breed. Here is a list that the Pit Bull is known to excel in:

  • weight pulling
  • dock diving
  • flyball
  • dog agility
  • lure racing/coursing
  • advanced obedience competition
  • search and rescue
  • police dog, participating in explosive and narcotics search
  • border patrol
  • service dogs in many capacities for the disabled

#3. Australian Shepherd

This beautiful and athletic breed sadly is often dropped off at shelters, or rescue groups due to pet-parents unable to manage and control their Australian Shepherd's (Aussie) lack of proper exercise. Highly intelligent, extremely active, with a high instinctive herding drive, this breed is not for the light-at-heart. They require an active family, preferably a running partner, bicyclist, or skateboarder. The Aussie makes for a perfect hiking partner too, as they are a strong working breed and will be happy to help out carrying a loaded backpack on the trails. Thinking agility might benefit your Aussie? You thought right! The Aussie excels at Flyball, and this is a fantastic sport to not only use their mental strengths, but their endurance.

#2.Australian Cattle Dog

Think flyball, agility, herding trials, this breed is all about the "job." They want and need to work, so adopting an Australian Cattle Dog will require proper exercise throughout the day, physically and mentally. This breed is highly intelligent, and when bored will be looking for things to entertain themselves such as: counter-surfing, excessive barking, eating drywall, getting into the trash, and tearing apart the furniture. Doesn't sound fun? Well, unless you can provide the Cattle dog with the proper exercise program to prevent these types of neurotic and destructive behaviors, I highly recommend looking for a different breed.

#1. Border Collie

Intense, neurotic, fixated, are just few words that sometimes describe a Border Collie that has no outlet for their high energy personality. This herding breed requires a partner or family that can provide them with the positive outlets physically and mentally. Considered to be the most intelligent breed of all dogs, they are even known to outsmart the savviest pet-parent, learning to unlock doors, open cupboards, and demand things be done on their terms. Smart, is an understatement for this breed. Running, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, hiking, swimming, agility, flyball, and dock diving; if you can think of an activity, the Border Collie will be happy to participate.

All these breeds listed would be best in homes with high energy and active families that can include their dog in their activities. Have a fenced in-yard? Fantastic! Just don't expect these breeds to drain their own energy by being by themselves. They will quickly self-entertain in the wrong way when they are bored, making them extremely difficult to live with.;

With the right active partner or family, these breeds are loyal, loving, and all about pleasing you!

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