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August 27, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 8 Faves: 0

Rosie - The Resilient Spirit of One Little Dog

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Backyard breeder, puppy mill, animal hoarding - call it what you want, but these evil-doers and abusers (I am using polite words here) only care about one thing: MONEY.

Yes, they will gladly take your cash and give you a cute puppy that was born to parents forced to live in filth, grime, and urine-and feces-soaked areas with no love or medical care. Yet, when a puppy is purchased at a pet store, online, in a parking lot, or a flea market, it only serves to line the pockets of villainous breeders who continue using these mom and dad dogs for further breeding.

An Unfathomable Beginning

Rosie, a Chihuahua, was one of 12 dogs who needed to find homes quickly when a backyard breeder/hoarder lost her house.

Rosie was one of several dogs born as a result of inbreeding in deplorable conditions. She was born with congenital deformities of her face, jaw, spine, and legs, poor vision, a compromised immune system, scoliosis, and overtime, her front leg bones stopped growing and fused where they met. Left to survive on her own for two years, Rosie crawled on her front leg forearms, scrounging for any food left behind from the other dogs and hiding underneath furniture, all the while suffering from unbelievable neglect.

Luckily, this animal hoarder lost her house (yes, I say luckily), and Rosie was rescued just in time. She was adopted by Cinnamon Muhlbauer, who regularly adopts "special need" dogs and who fell hard for this little dog. It's difficult to comprehend the pain and suffering this little girl endured for the first two years of her life, but this little Chihuahua has the resilience of a beautiful Rose!

As Normal as It Gets

Rosie has had surgery on her jaw, and all of her upper teeth have been removed. These procedures have made a world of difference for her eating habits, and she's more comfortable as a result.

Many people wonder if Rosie is in pain or discomfort, or if she is blind or unable to walk?

Her mom, Cinnamon, says she feels pain just like any other living thing, and their vet have confirmed that Rosie has limited vision, meaning she isn't blind, but her sight isn't as sharp as it should be.

Sadly, Rosie's bone conformation has prevented her from using her legs properly. But this hasn't stopped little Rosie from exploring! She walks on her forearms and her hind legs partially bent, but will require regular medical attention for the rest of her life.

Cinnamon provides comfort for Rosie in her everyday activities, including protecting her skin and eyes from the sun, using a stroller to take her on walks, and making sure she is always on padded flooring to protect her delicate skin.

Beautiful as a Rose

Rosie has the heart and soul of a lion! According to her mom, Rosie shows affection, playfulness, protectiveness, determination, and even gives a "stink eye" when she is not happy with something! Her little spirit is GINORMOUS! Cinnamon feels that Rosie is every bit a normal dog despite the conditions of her body. Just watch this video to see Rosie's beautiful playful personality shine!

Like other dogs, Rosie is capable of communication. She will twitch her ears, express with her eyes, or wag her tail to display a range of emotions.

Although it may be difficult to look at Rosie's sensitive pink skin, protruding top jaw, bent legs, and bald skin (due to severe demodex mange), this little rose is everything beautiful inside and out! With the twinkle in those bright blue eyes, the smile she gives (yes, she really does smile), and the wiggle of her butt, little Rosie radiates beauty! Follow Beautiful Rosie's story on Facebook!

You may feel sorry for Rosie, but instead be inspired by her profound "tail!"

UPDATE:  Sadly, Rosie recently passed away (October 10, 2013). She fought a hard battle and was loved by many. Her little spirit will live on through everyone who knew her, as will the awareness she brought to animal hoarding and puppy mills.

Photo credits:

Facebook - Malibu Rosie

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  • Thanks for writing about my Rosie. She is an amazing spirit and has given me more than I can ever give her. She has taught me patience and given me hope.
    She's a wonder!

  • Rosie is amazing, thank you for the lovely blog!

  • What a wonderful article and video on sweet Rosie. I've followed this sweet dog on facebook for sometime but somehow had missed that wonderful video! Love how well Rosie communicates and that sweet tribbling sound that she makes. She really is an amazing little girl and so is her Mom, Cinnamon!

  • We love Rosie, from everything I've seen she definitely has tons of personality from her bath time pics to watching her on "Conversations with a Pit Bull" trying to use her mind to will a cup of Reddi Wip over to her she certainly seems full of spunk and tenacity :D

  • i have watched this angel from day one and have totally fallen in love with her she is such a little fighter and she has so much much love to give thank you for being Rosie

  • What a doll ! Bless you for loving such a sweet baby !

  • Thank you Cinnamon for the awesome comment and thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments about Rosie and her momma! My purpose of my blog was to create more awareness about Rosie first and foremost, but also to create awareness about the atrocity that is inflicted on dogs everyday in a backyard breeders/hoarders life. I hope I achieve this through beautiful, loving, and sweet little Rosie!

  • this is so sweet ,I watched it 3 times,You have done a wonderful thing for Rosie,and I am sure she brings you so much joy and love.I pray for her daily.Is she going to have surgery?

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