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July 11, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 2 Faves: 1

Patrick, The Pitbull // Justice Finally?

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Have you heard of Patrick - the infamous Pitbull, from Newark, NJ, that was discarded like trash (literally he was dumped in a trash chute, and later discovered by a janitor), and was rescued the day before St. Patrick's Day in 2011 (hence his name)? This sweet and loving Pitbull, when found, was believed to be about one year old, weighed only 19 lbs (30 lbs under the normal weight), was unable to move, his ribcage protruded from his skin, sores and skin flaps appeared all over his body, as if he were severely tortured by a woman named Kisha Curtis.

Forward to July 2013, Ms. Curtis is finally going to court to face the charges brought against her for the torture and abuse she afflicted on Patrick. She has pleaded "not guilty," and has turned down a plea offer. Ms. Curtis claimed that she was unable to take care of Patrick, who was given to her, so she tied him up outside of her apartment building, hoping someone would take him, and left for a few weeks. She denies starving and throwing Patrick in the trash chute.

According to Dr. Thomas Scavelli, the veterinarian doctor that oversaw Patrick's care, Patrick's emaciated body could not happen in just those few weeks she was gone. He said, to get where Patrick was, takes months of starvation and torture.

Introduced on January 30, 2012 to the New Jersey Senate, the "Patrick the Pit Bull" bill was created in Patrick's honor. The bill was created to have stiffer penalties to those that commit atrocious crimes against animals. The bill unanimously passed in June of 2013 (39-0)!!!

Patrick survived this horrendous ordeal. He is thriving in the home of Dr. Thomas Scavelli and his wife, Patricia Smillie-Scavelli (Patricia also worked at the veterinarian hospital where Patrick was brought to). Patrick weighs a healthy 50 lbs now! Once the trial is over, they are hoping to officially adopt Patrick.

If you are interested in following Patrick's story, check out his Fan Page on Facebook!

Do you feel there should be stricter laws against animal cruelty? If yes, what do you feel that they should be? What do you think of Patrick's story?


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  • People that are cruel to animals needs to receive harsher punishments than they receive now!!

  • Yes, I agree Jessie, the laws really needs to change. Plus, they need to reflect animals as living creatures versus "property," meaning the law views animals like a piece of furniture, how sad is that!

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