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Fetch, Fido! Fetch! The Top Five Most Playful Dog Breeds

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

There are plenty of breeds that would fit perfectly in this fun category, but let's take a peek at my Top Five Picks to consider for your family!

5. English Springer Spaniel

These beautiful, medium-sized purebreds are known for their energetic personality, friendly disposition, and outgoing attitude, and they are great with kids! With their little butt always in a wagging motion of happiness, this breed wants to be with their people. They are a very smart, loyal, high-energy dog that will need an active family to keep up with them. The Springer Spaniel will make an excellent running, hiking, or walking partner. Put a backpack on your English to give them a job and help drain their energy. They even LOVE water, having playtime in a pool or lake will make an English very happy! The English is ready at a moment's notice to play fetch, tug-of-war, or any other game you wish for your dog to join in on.

4. Corgi

This little breed is packed full of playfulness. They're great with kids and enjoy engaging with them in play. They are a herding breed, and they instinctively want to corral children or the household cat. Teaching them at a young age that this behavior isn't cute or fun will help prevent children from getting their feet nipped at and the household cat from being miserable. This is a perfectly sized dog for a family living in a condo or apartment, but because of their playful spirit, they will require plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Don't expect to come home after a long day's work and expect your little Corgi to sit with you on the couch. Oh, no, this little fur kid will be ready to play a good game of fetch, hide-n-seek, or find the treat, with your guidance!

3. Boxer

Known for their wonderful and playful personalities, especially around children, the Boxer is a favorite for my top choices. They are happy, energetic, curious, easy-going, and so much more! The Boxer is the perfect choice for an everyday playful attitude. The size is helpful around young children because they can’t easily be stepped on accidentally or carried around like a stuffed toy. They also have a very tolerant attitude. The Boxer wants a family that will take them for a daily walk or run. Don't forget to use a backpack on your Boxer; this is a herding and guardian breed, so by giving them a job, this will help fulfill a mental need for work. Boredom is not in the Boxer's vocabulary.

2. Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)

PLAYFULNESS in a small package doesn't get better then this. The JRT is full of life! Agility, dock-diving, flyball, swimming, running or hiking partner - there isn't much this little dog won't do. They are all about you and wanting to play, play, and, yes, more play!  The JRT is a high-energy, fun loving, loyal, and playful breed to the end. They typically will not rest until it is bed time. So if having a dog that understands "down time" is a priority for you, the JRT isn't going to be the right match. Consider Doggy Daycare if you want to be a pet-parent to this breed. Doggy Daycare is a wonderful establishment that provides energy outlets with dogs playing with each other all day while you are at work. Basically, it's a JRT's dream come true. Don't worry, even with Doggy Daycare, your JRT will most likely have some "pep" left to share with you at the end of the day. The JRT will be happy to join in playing fetch, tug-of-war, hide-n-seek, and other fun games with you!

1. Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever

Yes, I chose these two breeds to share the #1 highlighted spot! Both breeds are known for their wonderful, family-oriented, young spirit and their loving and playful personality. Typically, both breeds will hold on to their puppy-like personalities way into their adulthood age (sometimes up to 9-10 years old). So, if you desire a young, spirited dog for a long time, both of these breeds make excellent choices. Their size is perfect for children, as both breeds endure little hands and feet that are grabbing, climbing, or poking at them. Although it's important to teach children to respect and be gentle around all dogs, these two breeds have a pretty high tolerance. Being a high-energy breed, they LOVE playing fetch all day long, so invest in a "chuck-it" - a tool used to throw balls. Watch out if you're near water!  Both of these breeds are happy to join in on some water fun! A pet-parent that can provide plenty of daily exercise and playtime will enjoy the Golden or Labrador Retriever!

With any dog, early training, socialization, and plenty of exercise are the three most important things that a pet-parent can provide their furry companion. 

Do you have a playful breed? If yes, what type of breed is it? What is their favorite thing to do for play time?

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  • I have a yorkie and he is a very playful puppy, surprised they did not make the list cause man they love to play.

  • Hi Christine, there were many that I could have added including the Yorkie, but I could only select 5, so I picked the top contenders that are known for the playfulness. I am glad to hear your little man enjoys playing, that is so healthy! ;-)

  • My son has a pit bull and he is the most lovable dog he sleeps with m,y grandson every night he never growls and hardly barks I love that dog

  • Nursechris2011 thank you for sharing! I LOVE Pitbulls, and am a HUGE advocate for this breed!

  • I have a pug and boxer

  • I have a pug and boxer

  • I have a pug and boxer

  • I have a pug and boxer

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