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How far would you go to rescue a dog?

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Both of these stories share one common denominator: a selfless act. Do you have what it takes to get involved? What would you have done?

A Homeless Man, a Tupperware Full of Puppies, and One Astounding Rescue!

A volunteer of WagAware (a rescue organization) witnessed a homeless man stuff four puppies inside a plastic container and secure the lid tightly prior to boarding a city bus. Knowing the puppies did not have enough air to survive long in the container, the volunteer quickly made a phone call to his friend, Annie Hart, of the Bill Foundation Dog Rescue for assistance.

Without hesitating, Annie Hart, her husband, and their Pitbull, Arnold, piled into their car and immediately went in search of the city bus transporting the homeless man and the four puppies. With the help of the volunteer following the bus, they were able to quickly locate it.

Annie didn't think twice about jumping out of her vehicle when the bus stopped to plead with the bus driver to allow her on to locate this person. At the first stop, the driver denied her. Annie and her family refused to give up. They continued to follow the bus, and at the second stop, Annie again jumped out and begged the driver to allow her onto the bus to search for the homeless man and the puppies. Reluctantly, the driver allowed Annie on the bus, and she located the man and the container of puppies.

After some financial negotiation with the homeless man, all four puppies were rescued and immediately brought to the vet for an examination due to Annie and her husband's relentless efforts the puppies are doing fine and will soon be placed up for adoption.

Would you have been brave enough, like Annie Hart and her husband, to save these puppies?

Two Teenagers, a Garbage Bag, and Eleven Dogs Fighting For Their Life!

Eleven dogs (YES, eleven) were stuffed in a plastic garbage bag and dumped in front of the private driveway of a residence's home in Arizona. Luckily for these eleven dogs (9 puppies, the momma, and a small Chihuahua), two teenage boys were playing outside and saw the person dump the bag at the end of their driveway.

The two boys were curious about what they saw and approached the bag cautiously. They quickly realized there was movement and whimpering sounds coming from the bag, so they tore it open and out rolled eleven dogs! They ran inside to get their parents, who then brought the dogs into their home and quickly reached out to a local rescue organization to help them place these fur babies in appropriate care.

The puppies were suffering from dehydration, the mother dog had a serious infection from giving birth, and the little Chihuahua was malnourished. Currently, they are all with a rescue organization getting healthy.

With the heroic and quick thinking of these two young men, the eleven dogs are in excellent care and will be looking for new homes soon!

If you saw someone tossing a plastic garbage bag outside of their vehicle, would you look away or approach with curiosity?

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