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June 25, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

A Dog's Top 10 Must-Haves for Summer

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

School's out, the heat is on, and vacations are being planned! Summer is a busy time for everyone, even our dog. With that in mind, here are the Top 10 must-haves for your beloved fur kid - everything from a hammock to a collapsible-clipable water dish to a stylish dog-tag and a life jacket. Fido will appreciate all the extras to maximize his summer fun!

Green Head Hammock :: Bambu - Starting at $169.00

What pup doesn't need a cool place to lay on a hot day? Hammocks rest off the ground where air circulates best, helping to keep your dog cool. I love this bamboo hammock by The Green Head! Its sleek appeal offers an added chic touch to your outdoor living space. Your dog will especially appreciate the comfort it provides when taking leisurely naps on those toasty days.

Green Head Hammock

Pet Life Jacket - Starting at $14.99

We need to keep our furry friends safe in the water. Boating, kayaking, swimming, or any other type of water activity requires a Pet Life Jacket. Life jackets don't need to be boring! Check out these cute designs at Petacular Boutique!Life Jacket

Play Pen - Starting at $39.99

Spring and summer are the busiest time of year for puppy adoptions! Once your new friend is in tow, it's important to socialize him or her at a young age. Bringing your puppy everywhere with you helps build their socialization and comfort level in new environments. Consider having a play pen on hand, as these portable devices offer a great way to give a puppy a much needed safe-break. My Favorite Pet Shop offers a wide variety of styles that are easy to use whether you are at a family reunion, picnic at the park, or your own backyard.Play Pen

Tick Remover - $4.99

Summer of 2013 is being tagged as one of the worst years ever for tick season! Walking, hiking, and camping with our fur kids can easily allow a Tick to "hitch" a ride. Preventative measures should be taken to help safe-guard our pets from these nasty and dangerous parasites. Even when taking the proper preventative measures, there are no guarantees your dog will be "tick-free." A Tick Remover, like this one at Vetionx, is easy and safe to use to remove these little buggers!Tick Remover

Scrabble Dog Tag - Starting at $7.84

With all of the outdoor fun, summer is the time of year that pets can easily get lost or separated from us. First, consider micro-chipping your pets; this is the easiest way to help our pets find their way back to us. A tag is still needed too, so why not consider a cute tag to adorn your pup's collar? Think outside the box with these adorable Scrabble pieces turned dog-tag at Scarlett and Company (via Etsy). A name and phone number or email is all that is needed for these tags. Your dog will be the talk of the neighborhood with this delightful and fun piece!Dog Tags

Cooling Mat - Starting at $24.99

This is a much-needed item during those hot and humid days. When inside, your dog should be provided an air-conditioned area to stay cool, but when outside with the family, consider having a cool pad for your fur kid to lie down on. No electricity is needed; these cooling pads from The Green Pet Shop are self-activated once they are are laid on.Cooling Mat

Traveling Water Dish - $11.99

A clunky water dish is no fun to be carrying around when out and about with your dog. Instead, consider this very cool travel cup that attaches to a water bottle. Rather than lugging around two items (dish and water bottle), this is an easy-breezy one item method. Check out Cesar Millan's version.Traveling Water Dish

Kiddie Pool - $7.00

Have a dog that LOVES water? If so, this will be the best $7.00 you spend for your dog for the entire summer! A kiddie pool from Toys R Us is a must. Watch them enjoy cooling, splashing, and playing around. Add clean and fresh water daily.

Kiddie Pool

Traveling Crate - Starting at $179.00

Vacation time is here. Do you plan on bringing Fido with you? A crate is highly recommended for many reasons, including safety, comfort, and security. Check out this crate that offers three openings, wheels (yes, wheels!), padding, carrying bag, folds, and will fit in most SUV's, minivans, and station wagons. This crate by Orvis is made for the pet on-the-go! I promise, you won't leave home without it.

Travel Crate

Chilly Bone Toy - $7.19 :: Small Size

This is a great toy for summer time! Wet it :: Freeze it :: Give it :: Done! Your dog will have hours of fun gnawing on this cool toy. It is reusable for loads of fun for hours, and it even has vanilla flavoring! Petco offers two different sizes.

Chilly Bone

Here's wishing you, your family, and your furry little friends a safe, exciting, and cool summer!

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