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My dog Gracie and her seizures! — an article on the Smart Living Network
September 8, 2011 at 12:05 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

My dog Gracie and her seizures!


      Dogs and seizures:  I have a 6 year old tea cup Chihuahua named Gracie we got her (actually my daughter got her) as a puppy.  She was sweet and special; she was spade at an early age after her 2nd period.   She was a tiny little thing and life went on great for a while.  One thing for sure now we know she would not fit in a tea cup she ended up weighing 4-5 lbs.  Then by the time she was around 3yrs old she started to have some small seizures from excitement or anxiety (like just going to the vet made her have one). 

      They were not really a problem and it only happened once in a great while.  The vet gave us some rectal valium and this worked fairly well.  If she started to have a seizure I would just stick this in her rectum and she would stop.  Eventually though in 2010 we had to put her on Phenobarbital because the seizures started coming around move often and lasting longer.  She started having Grand Mal seizures which is when the dog falls down, loses consciousness and extends its limbs rigidly.  Paddling of limbs and salivation is followed by possible loss of control of bladder and bowels. This may occur for 1-3 minutes and is often followed by a period of restlessness, pacing, bumping into objects and loss of balance. As they say, great care must be taken to prevent the dog from injuring itself at this time I usually hold her in my hands and talk to her.

       Putting her on Phenobarbital did not go over well, she was not herself at all, and she just wanted to lie around and could barely get up to go to the bathroom.  That lasted for 2-3 weeks.  We felt terrible (not to mention how she felt).  We took her to the vet but there was nothing they can do, they said she would get used of it after a while.  Well finally she broke through and started to act more like herself.  The other thing about Phenobarbital is it makes you gain weight, so now Gracie weights about 8 lbs.

I find this whole circumstance to be expensive and annoying for both her and us.  She sleeps with us at night because she is in her cage all day (approx. 9 hrs) and just moving the covers at night will cause her to get mad and she starts to scream – she even tries to bite at us!  Are there any other solutions to this situation that work?  The vet wants to run more tests on her to try and find out what the real problem is.  Well hundreds of dollars later and they still don’t know now so what, another couple of hundred of dollars and we might know?

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  • Update on Gracie, well I had her tested for thyroid and checked her pancreas and they were both in good shape, that eases my mind a bit. We are trying something new - we added Milk Thistle to her diet, this is known to help with liver disease. We haven't noticed any difference yet but within a month or two we should notice improvements in her liver test!

  • So, Grace had a set of seizures starting on Saturday the 15th and they lasted until Monday morning the 17th. This is not normal. She never did go pee last night at all and would not eat supper. This morning she finally peed and pooped. She still would not eat for the first hour or so. Then just before I left for work she ate breakfast and then wanted a drink. Hopefully she is back on course to being her cute little self!

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