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How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Pregnant?

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Picture this: Fido has lost her energy; she no longer wants to go outside to play. She’s been avoiding her food bowl and her stomach seems to be larger than normal, but you’ve been feeding her the same.

It seems like Fido is little out of sorts, and she may have a very good reason –carrying a new litter of puppies!

Here are some signs your pup might be pregnant:

Dog Pregnancy Testing

If you think your dog may be pregnant, you can take her to the vet, where the following can be used to confirm the pregnancy:

All of these signs and tests are great ways to figure out if your dog is expecting. The most accurate way is to make an appointment with your veterinarian, who will perform one or more of the last three tests mentioned.

 Has your dog had puppies? Did you use any of these techniques to determine if your dog was pregnant?


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