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July 20, 2011 at 3:36 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Table Scraps for Your Dog

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson gives us the do's and don'ts on feeding your dog table scraps.
Host, Gerry Barnaby – Hey, what’s happening? Barnaby here—another VETiONX Moment where you get to ask the Vet, Dr. Char, a holistic vet since 1987, questions through the portal on our website. It is “Ask the Vet”— just email and she answer in short order. So let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of feeding your pet. A lot of people think “Hey, you know, a little scrap here or there, not bad for the dog,” but there are some things we should be looking out for?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM – Well, there are. Feeding is a really controversial subject.  But I think it’s okay to give table scraps, if it’s kind of like what the family ate, and they have a good diet.  So if you had some chicken and some broccoli and some mashed potatoes that would be great, but you don’t want to give cooked fat, you wouldn’t want to give cooked bone.  Those would not be good. And then let’s say the family had liver and onions—and I don’t think a lot of families do that anymore—but you don’t want to give cooked onions, you know, that would be toxic to the dog. And you don’t want chocolate, so you know, the dog can’t have chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake, you know, you have to avoid that as well.  So if you think of more of, like, a raw pure diet, you know, that kind of food, then that would be okay.  Otherwise, you know, the bulk of the diet should be a balanced diet that’s formulated for a dog.  You know, if you start giving too much of one thing, you’re going to throw off the whole balance.
Barnaby - That’s interesting. After talking to you about a week ago and you revealed to me that vegetables are good for dogs, my wife was stunned,  because our dog ate a carrot, and she was like, “No, dogs don’t eat carrots,” but dogs do in fact like vegetables?
Dr. Char – They do.  They may be…
Barnaby – And mashed potatoes?
Dr. Char – Mashed potatoes.
Barnaby – They’ll eat—this is my big question here, and this is off the page here. It is: you would think a dog or a cat would not eat what you would think would be bad for them, and it’s like, if you feed a dog a taco, why would a dog eat a taco?  But, they will eat a taco. It almost seems like they’ll eat anything you put in front of them, so it’s up to us to watch what we give them?
Dr. Char – Yes, because, you know, it’s possible that sometimes, they’re just so thrilled that they’ve got something different, that they don’t stop to think or sniff or analyze that, is this a good thing or not?  They eat rat poison, and that’s not good for them, so, you know—granted, it’s flavored to entice the rat—but you know, dogs will eat poison, even though it’s not good for them.
Barnaby – Wow, we’ve got to really keep an eye on those furry little critters, don’t we?  I’ll tell you what—it is another VETiONX Moment, because we’re all about making sure that your relationship with your pet is the best that it can be, because truly, when you think about it, your pet is our pet.  So thanks for checking in.

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