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April 10, 2012 at 1:35 PMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Owners Guide: Bringing Your Dog to Work

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

While some offices have goldfish or a pet rodent in the workplace, more and more companies are testing the idea of bringing your dog to work.

I really wish I could bring my dog, Romeo, to work with me every day. He suffers from separation anxiety (he's always so happy to see me when I arrive home from work) and I know he would be a great dog for the workplace, but would it benefit me?

Why, yes it will, and it'll benefit your coworkers too!;

According to recent research, bringing "man's best friend" to work helps reduce stress in the work place!

The recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University reports that, "pet presence potentially can be a low-cost wellness intervention."

Dogs in the work place help create a positive environment, provide relaxation, reduce stress, and spur greater efficiency and production.

The Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

  • Longer Work Time -Employees that are allowed to take their dogs to work have less of an urgency to get home right at 5:00 pm sharp to let their canine outside for a potty break. Studies show that employees who bring their dog to work stay an extra 30-45 minutes on average.
  • Recharge - Taking Fido outside to relieve himself gives employees an opportunity to get their "5 minute" recharge every couple of hours. An employee will have a moment of stress release with their dog and then come back to work feeling recharged, increasing their productivity and job performance.
  • Communication line opens up - Employees that are shy or have a more difficult time communicating and engaging with others, tend to be more vocal and uninhibited with their pet around. By bringing their dog to work, employees may be more confident to discuss work related projects, goals, and issues.
  • Morale - Need a morale boost!  Sparky can do just that!  Dogs can lift the spirits of employees just by being seen around the office, and petting a furry canine can really aid in stress relief. So pet away! Dog’s help unite co-workers and build team morale.  Employees are more sensitive to helping each other out and cooperating with each other to help improve production.

Is My Dog Suited For the Office?

Not every dog is suited for the work environment.  It is important that your dog has some basic obedience training, is potty trained, friendly, and just has an all around gentle and easygoing spirit about them. 

A barking dog is a big no-no too!  Remember you still have co-workers to keep in mind, and an annoying bark can quickly take away all the benefits of a doggie in the office.

Before you run to your boss to see if you can bring your dog to work with you, first consider your dog and their manners. Brush up on training, teach your dog some manners and be prepared to present the benefits of how dogs can benefit the workplace and increase productivity!


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  • I would love it if someone brought their dog into the office every day. How cool would that be?

  • Right! Start a rotation and it's one dog in per day.

  • I support this initiative! :)

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