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The 5 Biggest Dog Breeds

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Thinking of owning a large dog? Do you have your heart set on owning a friendly, gentle giant? Consider choosing from one of these breeds - enormous, but with big hearts to match! 

5. Dogue de Bordeaux

Height:  23 - 30 inches (58 - 75 cm)

Weight: 120 - 145 pounds (54.4 - 65.2 kg) 

This stocky breed is short in stature, but heavy and broad shouldered. Recognized for its pronounced muzzle and underbite, the Dogue de Bordeaux is calm in temperament. But, don’t let their relaxed nature fool you – these dogs need a daily long walk to stay content. An active family would be perfect for one of these dogs.

Funny fact: These canines are known to snore and drool while they sleep!

4. Newfoundland

Height: 27 - 29 inches/69 - 74 cm (males); 25 - 27 inches/63 - 69 cm (females)

Weight: 130 - 150 pounds/59 - 68 kg (males); 100 - 120 pounds/45 - 54 kg (females)

Newfoundlands – affectionately referred to as “Newfies” – are strong, gigantic dogs with a broad head and neck tilted downward. They have a wide, short muzzle with a scissor-like jaw bite. The most common coat color is black, but other colors include black with blue highlights, black with white markings, brown-gray, and white with black markings. A gentle, patient temperament makes it easy for this dog to be around guests and children. These canines are known for their excellent obedience as well, allowing them to be easily trained.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Height: 26 - 30 inches/65 - 75 cm (males); 24 - 28 inches/60 - 70 cm (females)

Weight: Up to 165 pounds/74 kg

Mastiffs are known for their ever-powerful appearance. Their muzzle is large, ending with large open nostrils. They have many wrinkles and folds over their face and body. Their coat comes in a variety of colors, including gray, blue, black, chocolate, mahogany and tawny, sometimes with brindle and white markings. Although Neapolitan Mastiffs look intimidating, they are actually calm, affectionate and loving. They thrive on being around family and friends. Be careful though - they tend to drool a lot, so make sure to warn guests or they could end up with a lap full of slobber! 

2. English Mastiff

Height: 30+ inches/76 cm (males); 27+ inches/69 cm (females)

Weight: 160 pounds/72 kg (males); 150 pounds/68 kg (females)

Referred to as the “Gentle Giant,” the Mastiff is calm in temperament, but massive in size. They have a heavy, square head with large shoulders. Their muzzle is half the length of their head! They have a scissor bite and sometimes their teeth show even when their mouth is closed. Golden fawn, light fawn, apricot, silver, tiger, or brindle are the many colors a Mastiff may be. Guard dogs at heart, these canines are perfect protectors for families. They love to defend, but rarely bark.

1. Saint Bernard

Height: 25.5 - 27.5 inches/61 - 70 cm

Weight: 110 - 200 pounds/50 - 91 kg

The top biggest breed is the Saint Bernard. Their muscular stature helps support their giant size! Their head is massive and very powerful, while their jaw is short, but wide. Their coat comes in many colors, such as white with markings in tan, red, mahogany, brindle, and black, in various combinations. Friendly by nature, Saint Bernards are extremely loving dogs. They live to please and obey their masters. These canines are perfect for children because of their patient personality. 

Do you have any experience with any of these gentle giants? Share your story in the comments!


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