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June 26, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 3 Faves: 1

Making Gifts for the Special People in Your Life

By Kristin McKinney More Blogs by This Author

I love give gifting! If they had a “Five Love Languages” test that told you how you show love, instead of how you like to receive it, gift-giving would probably rank at the top. When I give gifts, I either want to find something really special that they didn't ask for, get them something I know they really want, or make them something unique. Here are some different creative gift ideas that you can put together yourself for that someone special in your life.

balloonsBox of Balloons:

I did this for my little sister when she turned five. I was at school and couldn't be home for her birthday, so I wanted to send her something special. I bought her one big gift, which was a Color Wonder book, wrapped it, and then put it in the bottom of a large box. Then, I bought a bunch of little stuff. Most of it I found in the toy section of Meijer, that one aisle were they have all those little party favor type things. I got her a little squishy Angry Bird, because she loves that game, a ring that lit up, those foam animals that grow when you put them in water, and a few other things. I also bought a pack of balloons. I took each thing I bought and stuffed something into each balloon. I also put some change and one dollar bills in them. Once I had filled some balloons, I started blowing them up to about medium size, then I put them in the box until it was full. My little sister absolutely loved the box. She had a lot of fun popping the balloons and finding the treasures inside.

Beginners Cupcake Kit:

This is something I've always wanted to do for somebody. I've even started collecting random baking stuff when it's on clearance so I could put one together if I wanted to.


  • Lunch box tin (try to find one that you think the particular person would like)
  • Cupcake liners
  • Sprinkles
  • Icing spatula (you can find one in the cake decorating aisle at a craft store)
  • A cake decorating idea book (also can be found at a craft store)
  • A set of icing tips
  • Decorative toothpicks
  • Any other cupcake decorating supplies you think would be good

Place all of the items you collected into the tin. Maybe add a card on top that has one of your favorite cupcake recipes inside. If you want to give them something else to go with it, make a cupcake in a jar. Put all the ingredients they would need to make a batch of cupcakes in a mason jar. Make a cute little tag with the directions to tie around the neck of the jar.

Just a Little Note:

This is a perfect idea if you are like me and just like giving gifts to people for no reason.

Find a box that's big enough to fit a blown up balloon. Get a balloon from a party store, and have it filled with helium. Write a small note on a piece of paper and tape it to the end of the streamer. Put the balloon inside the box, close it up, and leave it somewhere the person will see it. They'll open the box and the balloon will come floating out.

Another idea is to get a bunch of notecards and write a ton of different notes. Mark the envelop of each one with when the person is supposed to open them. Whether it's when they're sad, bored, missing you, etc. This is a great one to do for someone who is going on a long trip, leaving for college, or just going away somewhere.

For the Kitchen Buff:

If you know someone who loves being in the kitchen, whether it's because they love cooking, baking, or just like being in their kitchen, here are a few gift ideas for them.

cutting board
  1. First buy a wooden cutting board, preferably one with a handle, they look cooler.
  2. Then, make some chalkboard paint, you can find instructions to make it yourself here. Paint the front of the cutting board with the chalkboard paint.
  3. On the other side, glue a piece of wood shaped like a wedge, this is what will keep the cutting board up. 

Now it can be used as decoration and a way to easily write things down in your kitchen, like recipes or grocery lists. To make it extra cool, add a small piece of molding that's a few inches shorter than the width of the cutting board, but is the same length as an iPad. You can find molding that has a slight dip in it, like tray crown, at Home Depot or Lowe's. Glue it to the bottom of the cutting board on the side that you painted. Now it can double as an iPad stand.

Buy plain wooden utensils from the store. Pick out some paint colors that would go well with the person's kitchen. Take painter's tape and tape around the handle of the spoon at the spot you want the paint to go up to. Paint the handle up to the tape, then find somewhere to hang them to dry. Now your friend can have a nice set of wooden spoons that are different from anyone else. You could even paint some designs on them.

For the Foodie in Your Life:


Graduate Gift:

Tis' the season for graduations. It's the summer, and, along with hot days, going to the beach,and construction, there's graduation parties. Here are a few ideas of things you could give a graduate.

Buy a simple 8 ½ x 11 frame. In Word, create a cool looking layout with the words, “In case of an emergency break glass,” leave space in the middle for a dollar bill. Print the page out and tape whatever dollar bill you want onto the paper, then put it in the frame.

Take empty mini M&M containers, and fill them with quarters. Decorate the outside with phrases or pictures of laundry. Put them with a box of dryer sheets, and give them to the graduate for the loads of laundry they're going to have to do at school.

Buy the book, Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. Treat it like a card and write your note to them on the inside cover. 

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  • cool ideas!

  • Great ideas, I like the balloons and laundry money idea for college. The only thing I wish is that some people truly appreciated these gifts, that mean so much but cost so little. :)

  • Yeah that's the only problem at times. Sometimes people just don't appreciate stuff like this as much. That's one reason why the box of balloons for my little sister was so much fun, I know she loved it and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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