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Leomus Guitar News

By Amarillo More Blogs by This Author

If you are looking for an interesting site on the subject of musical equipment, modernization of serial equipment: combo amplifiers, effect pedals and guitar cabinets - then go to

Here you will find answers to the most common questions of a beginner and advanced guitarist, as well as the latest translated articles from Western online magazines of this orientation, the latest news from the world of the guitar industry.

The site consists of the following sections:

  • Chords and lyrics of popular songs in the original arrangement
  • Lamp Technology - Do It Yourself
  • Reviews of music albums
  • Modernization of musical equipment
  • Interviews from music collections and online magazines

Instruments and equipment for writing music play an important role for every musician and performer. Reliable reproduction of phonograms is also given much attention these days: transistor and tube amplifiers, Hi-End speakers, vinyl players with phono preamps still find their place in the homes of audiophiles and music lovers.

To love music and high-quality sound, continue to develop as a musician and music lover, expand your musical horizons - this is what you need to keep faithfulness and permanent love.

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