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June 26, 2014 at 12:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 1

Changing the Room One Lamp at a Time: 8 Charming Upcycled Lamps

By Becky from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Change is hard. Unlike Madonna, we don’t all like it.

In the realms of home decor, change can feel impossible. Where to start? The mass of color swatches alone is enough to stop the ball rolling. However, redoing a room doesn’t have to be a chore — it doesn’t even have to be hard. Quick, simple, and easy change can come in the form of a fun and stylish upcycled lamp. Supplies are likely to be found in your home or available for a low price, so cost shouldn’t be an issue. As an extra bonus, the project will get your creative juices flowing, possibly inspiring other changes for the room.

1. The Gloss-over 

Blah beige lamp? Unsightly olive green? Avert your eyes no longer. A can of spray paint might just be the key to working wonders in your room or office space. With the color of your choosing, simply spray the base of the lamp. Voila! A fresh splash of color! Make sure to properly cover your surroundings before spraying and be careful to avoid runs in the paint.

2. The Bangle Base

Unsure of what to do with those old, cheap bangles that seem to have accumulated and multiplied over the years? Why not slip them on your lamp and kill two birds with one stone. Leave the bangles as is for a rainbow effect or use your leftover spray paint to unify the colors of the bangles (and your lamps!).

3. The Mason Jar

A DIY list wouldn’t be complete without a mason jar, so here it is. Fill the jar, leave it empty, or tint itDrill holes in the lid to attach the existing fixture or one from a lamp kit (available in most hardware sections). Complete directions (and a fun idea) here.

4. The Book Base

Perfect for a cozy den or a book lover’s place. You’ll be drilling through the books, so make sure you select ones that you don’t want to page through in the future. Excellent sources for cheap books include thrift stores and used book sales. Color theme the stack and/or display funny or fascinating titles. Complete directions here.

Now that you have a magically fresh base (or two or five…), you’re ready to finish the lamp(s) with equally charming shades.

5. Mod Podge

A perfect mate for the book base. Cut up old book pages or colorful paper and begin layering them onto the lamp shade with mod podge. Repeat to taste. Be careful to avoid bubbling pieces; gently smooth them out with your fingers. Complete directions here.

6. Rope Wrap

 Remove the old lampshade, leaving just the base. Proceed to wrap pieces of rope, ribbon, yarn, or fabric vertically around the base. Knot each piece and adjust to taste, turning the knots inside or leaving them visible. Add extra decoration by pinning trinkets to the ropes.

7. Bottle Caps

Collect the desired amount of water bottle caps — white, colored, or any combination. After punching two holes in each cap with a nail and hammer, string the caps together with brass wire. Attach the strings to the lampshade frame and you’re good to go! Complete directions here.

8. Punctured Paper

Pick your favorite city skyline or design of your choice. Lay the design on top of the plain sheet of paper that will form the lampshade. Punch holes on and around the design using a large safety pin, needle, or punching device of your choice and convenience. Wrap the paper around the lampshade frame and secure with glue and ribbon. Complete directions and tutorial here.

Feeling inspired? Good. The lightbulb is on!

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