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7 Tips for Creative Home Decor Hacks

By Jason More Blogs by This Author

Love decorating your home, but also love saving money? There are some wonderful ways to decorate your home with a creative twist, all without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorite projects that will beautify your home.
Tip #1: Use door knobs as hanging towel holders.
Need towel holders in your bathroom, but want to add a creative twist to it? Look for old door knobs that fit your home’s style and overall décor and use those as your towel holders instead of a traditional towel bar. 
Tip #2: Save room in the pantry with a shoe organizer.
Do you have a variety of small items in the pantry, but nowhere to store them?  Buy an over the door shoe organizer for the door or wall and hang it in your pantry area. Use the pockets to hold small items like straws, fruit snacks, seasoning packets, or granola bars. 
Tip #3: Use a glass drink dispenser for laundry detergent.
Tired of looking at the ugly Tide container? Get a decorative glass drink dispenser and add your detergent into there. Keep a small glass jar next to it and when you need to do laundry, add the liquid to the jar and pour it into the washing machine. 
Tip #4: Keep extra paint in baby food containers.
Once you paint a room, there will no doubt be dents and other parts of the wall that will need to be touched up with fresh paint. After you paint a room, keep a small jar of the paint used in a small glass baby food container or other small glass jar so you can keep that handy when touch ups are needed. 
Tip #5: Make an unused fireplace a place of ambiance.
If you have an unusable fireplace, no need to knock it down or completely ignore it. Instead, use it as a place of ambiance and warmth by lighting an array of candles in it, from big to small. 
Tip #6: Use Christmas string lights in your closet.
Tired of turning on your closet light and having it barely give enough brightness? String Christmas lights around the doorway or wall area to add extra light and ambiance to the closet space!
Tip #7: Use old necklaces as curtain ties.
If you’re looking for an elegant way to tie curtains back in your home, use old necklaces as the ties. Not only does it look unique, but it adds a distinct touch of sophistication to the room.   
If you’re looking for easy ways to make your space creatively chic, these do-it-yourself hacks are simple, yet brilliant ways to add sparkle and unique character to your home!
Jason writes for Cable Railing Direct, a leading provider of cable railing systems for indoor and outdoor renovation projects.

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