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Improper Digestion Factors In Weight Loss Difficulty — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Improper Digestion Factors In Weight Loss Difficulty


The human body is a dynamic sensitive system that requires considerable nutrition for proper function. The digestive system is one entity that is predominantly governed by our control. You and only you, choose what is put into your individual digestive system. It is important to note that these decisions are critical for proper body function, as the absorption of nutrients is essential. Improper digestion can be due to a variety of factors and can be an inhibitory circumstance to many body functions, including your attempts for weight loss.

Digestive System: The Extensive Food Journey

The beginning of the digestive system journey is the mouth. The mouth not only serves the function of mastication, but is responsible for the secretion of saliva. The pharynx and esophagus deliver food to the stomach by a process of swallowing and peristalsis. The stomach breaks down food using hydrochloric acid and enzymatic functions. The small intestine is responsible for further break down of food products and absorption of nutrients. The large intestine is the location for waste product retention until it can be proper disposed of through the rectum and anus.

Improper Digestion and My Weight Loss

The digestive system is responsible for the breakdown of foods in an attempt to remove nutritional entities for the creation of energy. Due to the fact that the digestive system is extensive, there are many places in which improper digestion can occur. The digestion of foods in an abnormal manner can serve to restrict proper nutrient absorption. This lack of nutrients in the body can present complications in weight loss attempts.

Nutrients and My Weight Loss

The food you eat contains many nutrients, but eating the nutrients does not guarantee absorption. Nutrients are essential in any weight loss plan as they are known to serve imperative functions within the body. Nutrients are divided into many subcategories, including: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, protein, fluids, and specific chemicals. Specific nutrients provide the body with specific necessities including: disease fighting and prevention, growth and development, system repair, and even weight loss.

Your Body: In Equilibrium

The body attempts to maintain a constant equilibrium when it comes to the absorption of nutrients. If the body needs more of a specific nutrient, normally it will absorb more of what is available. If the body needs less of a specific nutrient, normally it will be excreted. Obviously, unavailable nutrients can not be absorbed. However, some digestive systems have abnormalities that do not always allow for this harmonious equilibrium. Some digestive systems require an aid in this process. Typically, supplementation of specific nutrients has positive effects on the absorption of the necessities.

Nutrients: An Important Factor in Any Weight Loss Plan

Nutrients are essential for any weight loss plan. Nutrient rich diets promote an overall healthy system. The lack of nutrients in the body can lead to various complications and actually hinder or stop weight loss. Improper digestion can be one cause to prevent proper absorption of nutrients. There are numerous ways in which to aid proper digestion, typically by the addition of nutritional supplements.


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