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August 27, 2013 at 4:00 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Cheating Your Overeating: Relieving Your Troubled Tummy

By Jeff from SLN More Blogs by This Author

I have a confession to make…I ate too much today.

I don’t know why I keep doing this. I thought I was doing so well. Usually, I reserve overindulgence for holidays with the family, but I made an exception today with a burrito. Most days I could eat the whole thing, and while I would be completely full, I wouldn’t feel like moving my body would make my stomach burst. I thought I’d already learned my lesson, but I guess I could always use a reminder.

Oops, I did it again. I ate all my food.

No matter how many times it’s happened in the past, it seems that I just can’t shake that desire to “clean my plate.” It doesn’t matter if it’s my third plate at Thanksgiving or a burrito only a couple hours after a previous meal. It’s my food conquering pride. I just eat and eat, but when the weight of the meal sets in, I have to admit defeat.

But don’t worry – have hope. If you find yourself in a food-induced stupor, there a few ways to help you endure.

Forgive yourself

Self-loathing isn’t going to help anyone. Yes you failed, but it’s time to get over it. As with any mistake, dwelling on the past wont change the reality that it happened. It’s time to accept you were a fool and do something to sooth your taut tummy. After that, you may choose to adjust the behavior patterns that caused this state of distress in the first place.

Have a seat


Maybe you’ve heard, as I have, that laying down after a meal helps you digest it, but that isn’t the case. Food digests best when you’re sitting in an upright position. Just sit down, and take a breather.

Move a muscle

As it turns out, some moderate exercise can help. So, if you’ve regained control of your legs, try some moderate walking. Walking helps increase your metabolism, and it gets that food moving through your system. It’s kind of like saying, “Hey food. Look at me, I’m moving about. How about you try something similar and move on out of my belly.”

Have some pop

When I was growing up, my mother always had pity on my overindulgence in the form of ginger ale. Despite the fact that it adds more mass to your stomach, that carbonation will help relieve some of the pressure.

Tea time

Herbal tea can also help with symptoms. My mother would also give me a cup a of ginger tea when I wasn’t feeling spectacular. The warm temperature helps, along with the properties of the tea itself.

There you have it. While it’s true that we all have to eat, you don’t have to gorge yourself. No matter how good food looks, too much of it will never be pleasant. So, if you find yourself with too much in your tum tum, just hang in there – these tips will ease the passing time of digestion.

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