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The process of eating, absorbing nutrition, and eliminating waste is the foundation for every other system in the body. This community explores the many aspects of digestive health and the complications that can negatively impact overall health.  

Are Low Digestive-Acid Levels Robbing You of Nutrients? Symptoms & Remedies for Hypochlorhydia

When it comes to health, supplementing a poor diet will not unlock our fullest potential. Underlying issues must be addressed, and taking a look at… Read More ▶

Eating for One: Eliminating Harmful Parasites (Phase I)

One underlying cause of chronic digestive issues are parasites, but these can be eliminated when we detoxify our bodies by altering our dietary efforts. Read More ▶

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Benefit People Without Celiac Disease?

If you have digestion problems, or even fatigue or attention deficiency, should you drop gluten from your diet? Read More ▶

STUDY: Probiotics Affect Activity in the Brain

We don''t know how probiotics affect the brain, but some convincing evidence has recently surfaced that shows that there is indeed a relationship. Read More ▶

Eating for One: Eliminating Harmful Parasites (Phase III)

Now that we've covered Phase I and Phase II, we are ready to explore the final phase of the three-part treatment model of dysbiosis concerning… Read More ▶

Eating for One: Eliminating Harmful Parasites (Phase II)

Ongoing cleansing is a fundamental part of optimum health, especially during times of correcting an imbalance caused by parasitic infestation. Read More ▶

Gastroenteritis: The Common "Stomach Bug"

Usually harmless, a doctor s help is rarely required with gastroenteritis, aka the stomach bug. It is important to watch for a few red flags,… Read More ▶

Eating Raw Food Is Good For Your Digestive System

There are a variety of raw foods that are associated with health benefits, including benefits to the digestive system. Raw foods also typically contain particularly… Read More ▶

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