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Major Causes of Insomnia and Anxiety

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Sleep problems can initiate for many reasons. Includes:

Health issues.

insufficiency of medical circumstances can interrupt your daily sleep, such as allergies, asthma, stomach issues like acid reflux, chronic pain, and sleep apnea. It also affect mentally health problems, like depression, stress and anxiety, can keep you from getting sufficient sleep, too.


Disturbing about work, money, family, or big life changes keep your brain going extended after you turn the illuminate

Food and drink.

Alcohol may make you fall asleep quickly, but it interrupts your healthy deep sleep. So do caffeine and heavy meals.


Some prescribed medications will make it harder for you to complete your sleep. Get over-the-counter prescription, like ones you get for allergies or chronic pain, can also cause sleep disorders.

Daily habits.

Small choices you create every day can interfere with your sleep. For example, the blue light from your gadgets or mobile phone display tells your mind to wake up before sleep. Long afternoon naps or working night or turning shifts can also mess up your usual sleep cycle.

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