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Depression Blogs

Study: Burn Frankincense to Lift Depression

New research by John Hopkins University and by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem suggest that burning frankincense, a resin derivative of the Boswellia tree, activates… Read More ▶

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Winter Blues or Something More?

Many people experience a decline in mood during the late fall and winter month, which can create significant disorder in their lives. Read More ▶

Study Suggests Tylenol Can Also Dull Emotional Pain

Scientists have known that similarities exist in the way the mind processes physical and emotional pain but a new study shows they may be more… Read More ▶

If It's Not Okay

John Lennon gets it Read More ▶

[The Well Mind] Studies Show: Homeopathy As Good As Prozac for Depression!

New studies show anti-depressants may actually make things worse while homeopathic depression treatment are just as effective and WITHOUT the risks! Read More ▶

Open Up About Suicide! It Could Save a Life

It has happened again in my community: another suicide. No matter the circumstances, suicide leaves those touched with a wrenching set of emotions. As a… Read More ▶

[The Well Mind] MRI for Depression?

This week: we know MRI as the brain-scanning technology which photograph the matter in our head, but a new study suggests it may be doing… Read More ▶

Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

There are a variety of reasons why an individual, together with his or her physician, might determine that light therapy is the right form of… Read More ▶

Latest Depression Blogs

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