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Are you one of the 19 million American adults living with depression? If so, this is the community for you. Share your story, find support, and connect with others dealing with similar struggles.

Study: Burn Frankincense to Lift Depression

New research by John Hopkins University and by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem suggest that burning frankincense, a resin derivative of the Boswellia tree, activates… Read More ▶

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Winter Blues or Something More?

Many people experience a decline in mood during the late fall and winter month, which can create significant disorder in their lives. Read More ▶

Study Suggests Tylenol Can Also Dull Emotional Pain

Scientists have known that similarities exist in the way the mind processes physical and emotional pain but a new study shows they may be more… Read More ▶

If It's Not Okay

John Lennon gets it Read More ▶

[The Well Mind] Studies Show: Homeopathy As Good As Prozac for Depression!

New studies show anti-depressants may actually make things worse while homeopathic depression treatment are just as effective and WITHOUT the risks! Read More ▶

Open Up About Suicide! It Could Save a Life

It has happened again in my community: another suicide. No matter the circumstances, suicide leaves those touched with a wrenching set of emotions. As a… Read More ▶

[The Well Mind] MRI for Depression?

This week: we know MRI as the brain-scanning technology which photograph the matter in our head, but a new study suggests it may be doing… Read More ▶

Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

There are a variety of reasons why an individual, together with his or her physician, might determine that light therapy is the right form of… Read More ▶

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