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Patties making machine / Hamburger patty machine commercial

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Introduction to Patties making machineai:


Hamburger patty machine commercial can produce popular hamburger patties, melody chicken, fish burger patties, potato cakes, pumpkin pie and other products on the market. It is an ideal meat and vegetable forming equipment for fast food restaurants, distribution centers and food processing plants.


Patties making machine uses:


Hamburger patty machine commercial: It is suitable for the molding of various meat emulsions and patties; it can produce various specifications by changing the size and thickness of the molding mouth. The hamburger patties forming machine adopts the structural design of the synchronous operation of the feeding blades and the forming drum to ensure the material feeding and consistent forming pressure. In order to make the adjustment of the thickness of the formed patties convenient and accurate, the core part is designed to be detachable as a whole. The machine is reasonable in design, easy to clean, simple and safe to operate.


Patties making machine function:


In the process of use, it not only meets the requirements of food processing technology, but also improves the yield of products and improves the quality of products. Enable enterprises to reduce production costs and reduce labor intensity. The structure design of the hamburger patties forming machine is compact and reasonable, simple in operation, stable in operation, convenient in cleaning and easy to maintain.

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